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Saturday, 03 June 2006




Ohhh the burgers, and the chips look so good! I can just about taste the burgers. I have to agree I have been dissapointed with olive oil in some instances. Easpecially in baking it has let me down.

Sammy is so cute, and I hope you gave all your Boyz a treat and didn't torture them so badly with the burgers...:)


Yum!! That burger looks great. Gotta bring out the BBQ sometime soon!!


Where did you buy the cassava chips?


Hi Mills - The garlic sauce was pretty good. And the "Boyz" did get their share!

Hi Ben - Yep, your right, taking that grill out of mothballs was over due! Good thing I had Sammy to remind me.

Hi Reynila - Got them at World Foods Supermarket - 5245 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92115. I think they're really good!


Hi Kirk,

The burger looks great! It's something that I should try when I have a chance.


Mmm that burger looks absolutely yummy!! I know what you mean about olive oil. It can be surprisingly 'stinky' or have a wierd taste when used in combination with some things, yet in others like char grilled veggies, its nice! Have you ever tried cassava chips coated with sweet chilli ? Its really addictive!


It looks like someone is hoping for a very sloppy chef!


Hi Reid - It's really not too bad.

Hi Rachel - Cassava chips with sweet chili sauce, eh? I'd never even had cassava chips before these - so that's a combo I need to try! Thanks!

Hey Jack - They always hope - but they know they'll get their own "special" (no onions, salt, or pepper) version!


Kirk, maybe look in your asian (try indo or malaysian type) supermarkets and the chips come pre-coated with the sweet chilli. If you see tapioca chips that style, try them too. They have a more thick texture but also quite tasty. The Indonesians use tapioca chips to garnish some of their soups eg. soto kambing (one I know you'll looove, a hearty goat soup) or soto jarkarta which has "mixed" beef bits in a coconut tasty sweet sour style soup. If you can't find any, drop me a line. I'd find some and mail the chips to you :D


I'm drooling. Lamb burgers sound awesome. And yours look splendiricious. And those cassava chips! I love em too! They're made in Indonesia, IIRC. Damn tasty and addictive.


Hi Rachel - This was the first time I've seen them - and they are really tasty. I've found them at only 1 SE Asian Market here in San Diego.

Hi Elmo - Cassava Chip...mmm-yoso!!! I'd rather have them over regular chips any day!



I have saved the recipe for the garlic sauce! LOL


You are making me hungry! LOL I have a weekness for chips...;P


oh me too me too!!! I will take chips over chocolate any day, any time!!


Hi Mills - The garlic sauce is Ono, I'm going to have to work on a method to thicken it out a bit. somebody told me they used mashed potato??????!!!!

Hi Rachel - Ah yes, us Asians! I prefer salty-sweet, over sweet too!


Hiya Kirk,
Do you happen to know of a Cuban market in San Diego? I'm just getting in to this cuisine and am having a tough time finding ingredients.
Love your recipe, makes me want to immediately fire up my grill...


Hi Candy - I know that Tropical Star is more of a Puerto Rican Market, but it may have what you need:

Maybe someone out there knows???


Hi Candy - There's a small Cuban Market next to Andres on Morena Blvd as well.

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