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Sunday, 10 July 2005



"Eat until olive oil oozes out of your pores." huh? ::nodding thoughtfully:: Kirk, you are a true romantic. I bet you Missus thinks you are the Cat's Pajamas!

I gotta hand it to you, you definately know how to put together a sammich. I like the idea of pressing. If you allowed it to sit an hour or so, then cut into sizes of say 2 or 3 bites, but that would be an awesome hors'd ourve (spelling?). I think I would go with Spanish olives myself. Of course being half Spaniard, I have a cultural pride thing going. On the island (Mallorca) they have an exquisite tiny cracked green olive that would make an incredible tapenade.

I just made guacalsa for dinner. Fried the chips myself then covered with grated cheese and popped them in the oven for a couple minutes. Oinker city. ::happy sigh::


Hi Kirk,

Sandwich looks delicious. I had a sandwich for lunch that didn't look like that! =P


Hi Jo - Well I press it to make it denser, as well was make sure that it fits in my mouth - sure don't want no TMJ problems! The tapenade sure did hit the spot, esp since I don't have to do everything by hand anymore. delici-yoso! Sounds like you're ready to make a batch for yourself!


Hi Reid - The sandwich was very tasty. I'm sure your sandwich was every bit as good....


Actually, I hate olives. I know that is a bit bizzare since I'll cook with them in a heartbeat, but alone, yuck! In tapenade, double yuck! I love mixing GREAT (I will spend some bucks on a good oil) olive oil with a touch of balsamic & garlic in a blender. I like that as a bread dip. Mmmm Delisi-YoSo! ;o)


Yummy...that sounds pretty good right about now. I also press my covered muffeletta but let it sit pressed for an hour++ so the bread soaks up all those good flavors. For a variant, toast it after it's been pressed...ok you're killing me, I'm going to have to make one of these in the next couple of days!


Jack - You know I woulda gone ahead and pressed the sandwiches for an hour or so - but I wuz to darn hungry - so I got the two plates put the sandwich between and pressed the daylights out of it!


Dontcha just looooove your food processor??? It's so handy!

I think I will try making your tapenade--looks yummy! I'm already breaking out the Cuisinart this week to make pesto, so might as well do the olives too! =)


Hi Pam - Yes, the food processor is a godsend - especially for tapenade - still have to find a "ptting machine though". About the recipe - you may want to throw in 1-2 cloves garlic, didn't have any on hand so didn't add - my normal recipe uses it!

Jeffrey C

you ever notice that good olive tapenade (a la Cafe Luna in Pasedena) tastes a lot like tofu lu or fermented bean curd?


Hi Jeffrey - I think it has that fermented and briney smell - but the taste is fairly different.

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