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Thursday, 11 September 2008


[eatingclub] vancouver || js

LOL at the particularity of the Missus. I admire anybody who knows what she wants, at any specific time of day. Gobo salad: looks intriguing. I thought I wouldn't like gobo, because I thought it tasted like ginseng, but when I had it as filling in a bun, I was pleasantly surprised. (I didn't know that there was gobo inside: I thought it was just a sesame bun.) So there might be more gobo in our future, thanks also to your recipe. Looks appetizing!


Hi JS - The fried gobo has a very mild sweet flavor in addition to the earthy-woody flavor. Knowing both of your cooking talents, I can't wait to see what you come up with.


mmm.. yoso jozu des ne?


I gotta try frying gobo...looks better than the version I did :) (btw, thanks for the mention...made me blush)


Hi Chris - delici-yoso!!!

Hi Kat - This was a very easy prepration.....the attention to detail is what makes it even better.

jeffrey c

wow, looks just like the one you got at Wa Dining Okan. I am going to grow some mizuna in my garden. Is it best to eat it raw? Is the taste similar to dandelion, ie a bit bitter? Also, I've always wanted to know what you call grated raw daikon in Japanese and how you would use it when you eat Japanese cuisine?


when are your readers invited for dinner?


If there was something that caught my eye in that previous post of yours, it's the gobo salad.

Up here, 99 Ranch has a sale on gobo right now too.

I'm going to have to try this...perhaps I'll just have fried gobo the way you've described it.

Passionate Eater

You know we love Mmm-Yoso!! recipes (influenced by the Missus), so heck yeah, we would love the recipe! Thanks for teaching us the ways of the gobo.


Hi Jeffrey - Mizuna should be eaten raw, it has a mild bitter flavor...but is refreshing in it's own way. Grated Daikon is called Daikon Oroshi, if you poke 3 holes legthwise in the daikon, add chilies and grate it becomes Momji Oroshi...which is really nice. For me the oroshi helps to cut the rich and oily flavors of stuff like sanma, and act as a palate cleanser.

Hi Judy - LOL! I don't think my hack cooking would qualify!

Hi Elmo - I just made this tonight...the gobo was very moist, and had a stronger woodsy smell. After frying it was much sweeter than what I made for this meal.

Hi PE - Thanks for always being so positive and supportive!


yes and yippee - I had eyed your photo of the gobo salad with envy before, and am so glad that the missus inspired you to this post. The instructions sound do-able, although 8 steps might be beyond me...

jeffrey c

Thanks Kirk for the info. I always see the daikon in nicer sushi restaurants but I never new what it was for. The mizuna is interesting. I am also thinking of mibuna. Have you ever had that before?


Hi FH - I think you're being quite modest....this is easier than many salads.

Hi Jeffrey - No problem. I've had green spray; but it's been so long, I don't remember much about it.

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