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Saturday, 05 July 2008



Wow, meat from IMF for Da' Boyz! Bear is so jealous right now. I love IMF... the quality's excellent. It's a great resource to have so close by.


that sandwich looked so good! happy 4th!


Nice looking tenderloin!

No cooking for us this 4th, but we did have some Memphis-style ribs and pulled pork...


More great pictures. I've shopped at IMF for years, and the quality of the meat is always great.
Like the way you keep thinking ahead for the next thing to cook with the tenderloin.
That sandwich looks yummy!


I had to keep the dogs away from the computer while I read the post so they wouldn't see what Da Boyz were getting!

That sandwich looks top shelf!


Ohhh delish!

Little Miss Contrary

That is a good-lookin' piece of meat! Mr. Tall and I have been meaning to check out IMF, which is probably a good, if not better, alternative to Bristol Farms. Nicely done with your use of the ingredients in several meals!


Wow, incredible! I've always wanted to sear a whole cut of tenderloin - this may be my inspiration! Nice way to think ahead and plan the sandwiches - smart!


Hi GF - I've always had pretty good experiences at Iowa Meat Farms.

Hi Kat - It was delici-yoso!!!

Hi Mike - Yes, I saw that! You really had a great fourth.

Hi Stephen - With rising prices, we've had to pay a bit more attention to make sure we don't waste.

Hi Carol - Once a year they get steak. I chopped up a few onces of their tenderloin(unseasoned) mixed with rice(they are Asian dogs), and the loved it.

Hi Roger - It was! congrats on your graduation BTW!

Hi LMCC - Thanks, we're trying to be good, and not waste.

Hi TMAH - It's a nice cut of meat....and can be used so many ways!


Yum meat good anytime with anything any day ;-)


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!!
Thanks again for an "idea".
Gawd I love mushrooms and onions! Beef is a great foil for those. ;)


Hi Billy - Yes, you're is!

Hi Jan - I'm so glad you're able to make use of our posts!


OMG dude that all looks like an amazing feast.


Hi FH - Thanks....we tried to stretch it, and think ahead.

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