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Friday, 13 January 2012



Wow, that hash really does sound delicious. So, I think you've just answered this week's biggest question in my mind: can you freeze celery? it doesn't get soggy?


Yep, I get that kind of stuff when Ms Ped Ma, say "Arroy ma, but you can have it"

Sound familiar bra! hahhahhahha.

Sometimes they neve know the effort put into da' dish. All in fun...

Anyway, Happy New year!



yummy ways to use up the lamb!


H Lynnea - I freeze thecelery hearts all the time...though I use it for soups and nothing else.

Happy New Year to you too PedMa! he-he-he....

Hi Kat - I really enjoyed that hash.

Hangzhou Hero

Stop it Kirk, you're making us mortals look bad.


LOL HH! This was actually a fail that I had to recover from!


when I have left over slow roasted lamb leg/shoulder, my choice is a dice/mince up the cooked lamb and turn it into the base for a shepherds pie but then again, I'm British and for most of us, shepherds pie is the answer to most things.

saying that, I have no idea if our wonderful mash topped pie exists in the US.


Hi Peter - You can get Shepherd's Pie at many places here in San Diego...though many of them aren't that great! Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment!


Ouch. She went right after your heart, eh?

When you have lamb, you make...
... lamb stew?
... meatloaf? (the cooked lamb will give a great textural contrast)
... tacos?


Hi Christine - Great ideas! Too bad I couldn't think of them on the fly....


I love your creativity! But I guess we won't be seeing lamb posts for a couple of months now!


Who know never can tell.... ;o)


This looks like it turned out really well and yummy! I doubt anyone would wanna waste any of it! :-) Thanks for sharing.

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