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Saturday, 19 January 2008


Wandering Chopsticks

Hehe. Too funny Kirk! I can't figure out if you're wondering if I have a VNese chicken cutlet recipe, or a nuoc mam recipe. I'm still working on that gigantic jar of nuoc mam my mom brought down. :P


OMG Woolworths! What a blast from the past. They had the best chicken and I really enjoyed their local style inari and maki sushi. Even though they no longer exist, you made me so home sick just then, it kinda hurt just a little. More for a longing of a bygone day than anything else. I'm not much of a cook myself, but your recipe sure makes me what to try. Just in case I haven't told you, I really appreciate your blog. Great post!


My tastes have changed dramatically over the years, but part of me still appreciates the food from long ago because it's a part of what makes me who I am. Sure, it tastes bland, processed or greasy now but in my memories it will always be five stars. Great post.

Wandering Chopsticks

OK, I was up waaay too early. So I realized, if you make my lemongrass chicken recipe, you could easily put that with some noodles and greens. :)

This reminded me of when we first came over and the restaurant inside of K-Mart was a big deal for dining out. Man, I haven't thought of that in years!


Woolworth's had the best fried chicken breast. Woolworth's in Waikiki was right on Kalakaua Ave., the main street in Waikiki. They even had a full restaurant. Oh, my.


Woolworth's definitely a blast from the past. I don't remember trying their chicken though. Your chicken looks ono!

Little Miss Contrary

That looks simple and good! Mr. Tall and I will definitely try it some day.


Hi WC - I guess it's the Nuoc Mam Cham being referred to. Thanks for the Lemongrass Chicken recipe.

Hi Keoki - Funny thing, I even recall Woolworth's having good roast beef for some reason.

Hi Alan - I agree, it is part of who we all are.....and there are those items that still taste the way we remember them. Still, sometimes you just can't go home again....

Hi RONW - I remember the thick foiled lined packages the chicken was put in....kept them warm for hours!

Hi Kat - Oh my....their fried chicken was really good.

Hi LMCC - It is a simple recipe. If you make it, let me know how it turns out.


OMG! Woolworth's in Waikiki had the best fried chicken. We didn't have it often but it certainly was a treat when we did.

teeth whitener

My tastes have changed in leaps and bounds! These chicken cutlets are right up my alley as well. I have some chicken in the freezer I was wondering what to do with, and now I know.


Hi Carol - Same was a treat.


That was my favourite chicken at Woolworths - in Buffalo, NY - my family used to go and visit my aunt in Buffalo - she would take us to Woolworths for lunch - the chicken i can still remember the line up buffet style - pick what you want - and the cheesecake was heaven - I would love to get that recipe! I would sell it at my wingshop! Why can't someone bring that flavour back ?? The story does not have to stop. Let it continue!


I WM - I'm hoping someone will be able to help......It was some really great chicken.


So after stumbling upon this blog for the first time, I thought I would give this recipe a try.
Unfortunately, I don't think the recipe is complete. The marinade has no liquid listed to achieve the same consistency the picture shows. Also, it does not state how much Mochiko should be added to the marinade. If you could modify the recipe I would love to give this a try and give you some feedback.


Hi ef8mugen - The recipe is complete - fish sauce and egg whites are the liquid components. Good luck!

Alyn Culmer

Thats a cool post. Thanks for that. It sounds yummy. My child is very crazy about Chicken. So we often use to visit a Kosher Restaurant in New York. Its famous for the Chicken Schnitzel and the Grilled chicken Cutlets. She loves it very much.Thanks to Eretz Kosher(

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