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Thursday, 26 June 2014


Fat Killer

Hey bro:

When I roast whole duck I get them from 99 Ranch in general. Duck rules.

I also buy grass fed duck when i want to be luxurious from my preferred vendors. The meat is def. sweeter.

I have kind of lost my taste for chinese roast duck and prefer simple prep, but that is could be just a current phase.

and yeh, good duck ain't cheap.


ooh perfect timing. I've been wanting to make my own duck fat fries.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

I know that your blog is mostly restaurant reviews but I love your cooking posts! Your weekday dinners (yum fresh cracklings and seared duck breast) are special occasion worthy / always inspiring.


Cool to see the process! Those cracklings sure look nice and crunchy!!!


looks good!


Why waste your time with lousy duck FK.....BTW what's with this bro' stuff? My wife is going to think you're trying to start up a bro-mance! ;o)

Hi Kirbie - I think in order to get enough fat, you'll need to buy duck fat. Two cups isn't going to make a dent....however, if you like duck cracklins.....

Well thanks JS...... it's mostly organization and technique and having a rather demanding audience!

They came out pretty good CC.....

We love duck fat Kat!

Fat Killer

Hey bro, I fly that flag, "not that there is anything wrong with it" as my brohan Jerry Seinfeld once said.

I would not say all the duck at Ranch is "lousy", there are a few brands they get that are quite good, and 1/3 the price of Bristol Farms.

I often cook vegetables in some of the left over fat.

That is how I roll bro.

Fat Killer

Er...I meant I don't fly that flag. Since this was a poultry post, let's just say I'm a breast man, in more ways than one.


I need an excuse to buy rendered duck fat from WholeFoods Market.


Hi Billy - Being hungry sounds like a good one!


oh those cracklins look amazing!!


Hi Lynnea - And it's easy to make.....if you're in a duck kind of mood!

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