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Friday, 16 September 2011



Your Wat da fu steak looks great - love the dark outside and rosy interior. And good call on the Alesmith X - one of my favorite lower-ABV (for San Diego, at least) beers.


Crap compared to what you've been eating! :o)


Way to gussy up those tots! Love it!


I just scanned the pictures and saw the tots and thought-mmmm what resto is that from? Looks so good!! Then i read that its a meal a home! Doh! Looks mighty delish


Had 10lbs of beef bone at my disposal this weekend ;-)


Yumm, that sounds like a punchy wafu steak sauce! The tots look awesome too...


dang, that wafu looks wonderful! i had a lot of cereal and soy milk for dinner this week. super lazy!


Hi Mike - It's so nice to hear from you! I can't take much credit for the choice of Alesmith. Some really great beer folks I know have always believed that anything with soy sauce/fish sauce/etc goes real well with Alesmith.

LOL AZ....I don't think so.

Hi CC - It's the truffle oil that does it....anything with potato and truffle oil....

Hi Jenn - It's really not much...just tater tots, cheese, and truffle oil.

Let me guess Bill...hmmm....perhaps a three letter word that starts with "P"? ;o)

Hi Dennis - I'm not sure what the deal is....just about every Wafu Steak (even the expensive ones) I've had at restaurants are really not very good.

LOL Santos! I'd probably do the same, but I'm lactose intolerant! ;o)


all looks so good. homemade blue cheese dressing, yum!!


Hi Lynnea - Home made tastes much better than the stuff that comes in a bottle.


Kirk do you ever plan your meals? I have been so busy most days now that I become freeze when dinner or lunch rolls around. Usually I have an idea and go with it but now with the baby it has been crazy trying to put dinner on the table. I need to get some ideas for fast and tasty meals. This post makes me jealous, and inspired. :P :)


Hi Mills - It's so nice to hear from you, I hope all is well! Yes, sometimes I do, especially when the Missus sees some recipe or has something in mind. With these I just had the ingredients and kinda went for it.


As a kid, I think we grew up on tater tots and fishsticks! Like the idea of adding aged cheese to the tots. I'll have to try it sometime.


I'm craving steak and tots now dangit!




Kirk= HUGZ We are doing well, we moved to another part of Germany, and well we're catching colds left and right here. *sigh* DH told me I need to stop being a hoarder, our pantry is over full. I really need to start planning meals I think. :P :) I love reading your blog of course but I don't have enough time to write as much as I would love to. Let me know whenever you decide to come near Deutschland. HUGZ


Hi Mills - We will do that! It's always nice to hear from you!

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