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Saturday, 16 April 2022



this looks comforting! and perfect for soup weather:)


Your recipe looks and sounds delicious! I’ve read you must soak and it is not necessary. Very confusing for me but what I’ve found over trial and much error is that the freshness of the beans seems to matter the most. I’ve heard Rancho gordo beans are very good. Thanks for sharing.


Looks delicious! Maybe you can share a mac salad recipe some day? :)


It's the Missus's current favorite Kat!

I've got to try it with other "well regarded" brands like Bob's Red Mill RD......we'll see what happens. We order from Ranch Gordo about every three months...and especially when they have the beans/corn/lentils we want that seel out fast.

Lol Elle......I will; I rarely make Mac Salad at home these days...because I'm gonna have to finish it up! ;o)

Lynnea Fleming

ha, i thought that looked like fried jalapeños. I was putting those on everything and eating them by handful for a while there ^o^ they really do add that extra layer of punch to everything.


Those go really well as toppings for soups and salads Lynnea!

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