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Saturday, 15 December 2007



mmmmm i do love me some quinoa.
i always make extra and then have it for lunch ala this recipe:


I've been leaving "quinoa" out for a sparrow on my lanai. I'm not planning to eat the sparrow or anything like that.


mmm this looks healthy and delicious. I wish I had some quinoa. Oh, and I think all grains have risen in price due to the fuel price increases.


a 146% rise in price over 2 1/2 months is *not* a slow increase!


I always thought quinoa was a grain but I was told it's really seeds from a goosefoot. The salad looks very good, almost like a salsa.


Hi Dave - Looks like a nice recipe - quinoa is very versatile.

Hi RONW - I'm sure you now have some "super birds"!!!!

Hi Kat - Yes, fuel prices....

Hi santos - LOL! You're right......

Hi Carol - It's a nice refreshing salad, and I guess you can eat it like salsa!


It seems that perhaps you've been in Japan so perhaps you'll know where I can get quinoa? I've just come across information about quinoa recently and my interest is piqued. Any help you can give would be great.


Hi Colleen - I don't have a clue.....but let me see if there's someone who can help.


Hey Kirk! Where do you normally get your quinoa? I got some of the white and the black quinoa over the weekend at Jimbo's and made white quinoa raisen muffins that are really good.


Hi Carol - Because the Missus goes through about a pound(or more) of Quinoa a week, we just get it at Henry's.


Thanks, Kirk. I know Whole Foods has them too. Jimbo doesn't sell in bulk. I'll look for it at my local Henry's.

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