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Monday, 24 October 2005



Hi Kirk,

Kalua pig and kim chee chicken wings look like a perfect "mixed" plate to me. Ever thought of opening a Drive Inn restaurant? I've been tempted to try it once or twice.


Wow Kirk, I'd order that in any restaurant! It looks really good!

I love pork and that kalua pork looks really yummy. Does it taste similar to cuban pork? I love cuban pulled pork.

In my odd colection of sauces in my pantry, I happen to have a bottle of Wrights natural hickory smoke! Its not available in Aus but I saw it in Singapore and bought it as I loved smoked foods. Will definitely try your recipe ! Thanks! glad you had a great success with it too.

elmomonster that's Kalua pork! I knew that it had nothing with the coffee liqueur, but I thought it had more "stuff" and seasonings in it. This sounds like unadulterated porcine at it's most pure. Will have to try this soon.

BTW, I saw a segment on how liquid smoke is made (I think on Good Eats). Basically, wood is burned in a contraption and the billowing hot smoke is sucked into a refrigerated pipe to cool and condensate with more water. The concentrate is then what is bottled.


Hi Reid - I'm sure we've all been tempted. Maybe this'll be my next career? Lot's of long hours and hard work, though. I'd have really wanted to throw some namul and other panchan on the plate, but was to lazy to make or go out and get some!

Hi Rachel - You can compare this to most any pulled pork dish - but with alot more flavor. Make sure your bottle of liquid smoke is still sealed - once opened it starts losing it's aromatic ability in a few months - I've poured in a Tb while making Kalbi and other items, in small portions it adds an interesting taste.

Hi Elmo - It's really simple, isn't it? I once made 25lbs of this stuff for a party, and brought the left overs to work to share, that's how the Kalua Pork and Pan De Sal/Rice tradition got started.

clare eats

Wow that looks good Kirk

How about this for an interesting fact, alot of native Australian plants require smoke water inoder to germinate!


Hi Clare - Smoke water to germinate! Now that's really would they do it in the "wild"???


Thanks Elmo! I have wondered about that all my life! Just how the heck do you get smoke in a bottle with liquid?!?!? I've heard of plants needing fire to germinate... but liquid smoke? Are you pulling our collective legs Clare?


Hi Jo - Where there's smoke - there's fire???


::rolls eyes and shakes her head laughing:: I shoulda knowd youse woulda said dat!


Hi and Reid are da bomb! I so cannot wait to make this. When are you two gonna post a homemade version my other fave, Huli-Huli chicken?


Hi Moira - Welcome and thank you for commenting. It was actually Reid's idea, and I just kind of followed. Huli-huli Chicken, huh? I've never tried that, I guess I need to get a rotisserie thingy for my Weber....I'm looking forward to your EoMEoTE#12. Yes, I've been lurking....LOL!


I LOVE kalua pork leftovers....w/rice, sandwiches, burritos...yumm!


Hey Jack - Kalua Pork burrito's, now there's something I never tried....yummm


yummy! i love kalua pork! i havent' made any lately-- i will definitely try your receipe next time i do!

two years ago back home, i tried kalua turkey sold as a fundraiser by one of the high schools. it was really tasty!! now wouldn't that be a fun project to try??


Hi Annie - You've got something there - Thanksgiving is right around the corner!


I have a 12.25 lb roast. Would anyone out there know exactly how much seasonings I would apply & how long I would have to cook this?

I plan on sharing with another family.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kymee :)


Love your instructions, tips and pictures for the kalua pork. I am making it today with cabbage. Mahalo.


Hi Lehua - I hope it turned out well.


I was going to make oven kalua pork for dinner tonight since I have all the ingredients, but was stumped on what to do since I was missing ti leaves...and then I remembered this post. Thanks! Now I know I don't need the ti leaves to make the kalua pork. :) Just out of curiosity, have you ever tried making this in a slow cooker/crock pot?


Oops, never mind on the slow cooker question, I just followed the link to Reid's post. Sorry! :)

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