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Monday, 03 October 2016



nice adaptions!


My mom is Guamanian and she would kill me if I ever used anything but freshly grated coconut (cracked and grated that day!) and fresh lemon juice in my Kelaguen. Don't tell her this, but I like the idea of your shortcuts. ;)

As for Finadene, mom's is the best (I'm sure everyone with Chamorro blood running through their veins says that) but sometimes my mom adds halved cherry tomatoes to hers and I really like that. Give it a try sometime! :)


I had to make due Kat!

Hi G - Funny thing; it was the Guamanians who told the Missus their parents and relatives use Your Lemon Powder in Guam. Hard to come by nice fresh coconuts here in San Diego......and none of the restaurant versions have any in it, so I thought I'd improvise a bit.


Interesting dish.


It's actually pretty good Billy....the Missus really likes it.


I hear ya on the challenge to find good coconuts here in SD! I remember one of the Guamaniam restaurants (maybe Chamorro Grill...can't remember off hand) telling me once that the reason they don't put coconut in their Kelaguen is because it spoils faster. That makes sense, I guess. But Kelaguen gets eaten so quickly in our house that I've never had a chance to put that theory to the test. Haha.


One batch of Kelaguen lasts about 3 meals for the Missus G.


Good on you for grilling the chicken. I call rotisserie kelaguen, lazy kelaguen. You can even roast it in the oven for better flavor. Or even El Pollo Loco chicken works if you can't grill it. Fresh coconuts are easily found in most supermarkets now. It's true that kelaguen with coconut spoils faster, if you use the frozen grated coconut found in ranch 99's, it'll spoil even faster.


Hi Joe - You know; I don't think I can use up all that coconut. I only make a pound and a half batches of this stuff.


Kirk-well, I really only make big batches, but if I do have some leftover grated coconut, I freeze them and it still tastes the same for the next batch. Not sure if you tried yet, but try shrimp kelaguen. You'll love that. Buy a frozen bag of peeled/deveined uncooked shrimp, defrost, cut it up, lemon juice, lemon powder, grated coconut, and peppers. Put that over steamed rice.

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