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Sunday, 11 April 2010



never heard of water squash but these pancakes sound delicious!

the diligent diletante

visually they kind of remind me of korean pancakes but the recipe quantities set them apart. very interesting =)


Hi Kat - I wasn't paying attention so I'll get the English name next time....

Hi DD - They are... but the flavor is much more delicate. I love all types of savory pancakes, and so does the Missus.....


Yum, is it anything like a zucchini fritter?


Hi Lynnea - It is a zucchini fritter.... with some Chinese touches. I don't think you'd want to eat these with sour cream, though! ;o)


Can you come cook for me? :D Looks really yummy! And it does look a lot like the Korean pancakes. Now I have a craving for my mom's kimchee buchingae... May have to have her make some when she comes to visit next week! Yum yum yum...


Sure Rosa!!! ;o)

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

These look good! I never heard of "Chiu Chow" pancakes before: thanks for sharing!


I'd never heard of this previously either.... but the Missus had.

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