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Friday, 11 September 2009


Judy @ TinkerWithFood

wow. i made crabcakes this week too! that looks deeeelicious! esp with wasabi mayonnaise!


that sounds and looks really good! I usually make fish patties, I should try crab cakes sometime!


Damn, they look good. I'm glad you posted a recipe, we've been meaning to get onto making our own fishcakes/veggie burgers.


Who cares stop being modest and where is my piece? ;-)


You gotta learn that the Missus always wins. ;)

Now I'm craving crab cakes.


yummy! I've never made crab cakes before, but those look wonderful, all crispy and very pretty with the leaves as garnish.


Looks so yummy! Is it possible to make the crab cakes W/O the panko (or any bread fillers)?


Hi Judy - I can't wait to check out your version.

Hi Kat - These are pretty easy to make.

Hi Natalie - These are pretty easy, you can add more filler if you need to.

Hi Billy - Actually, these were fairly easy....I don't they look too pretty though.

Hi Darlene - Funny how that is, huh?

Hi Lynnea - Give it a shot, it's much easier than you think.

Hi Faye - I'm sure you could, the main thing is having enough binder. Egg and mayo should do that.

Bbq Dude

Where do you get real lump crab in San Diego? I've only seen pollock (a.k.a. fake crab meat). I'd love to be able to get that...


BBQ Dude - This one was from, of all places Costco..... 100% crab.....


that sounds good, I can't wait for crab season!


Hi FH - Crab Cakes are sooooo easy..... I'm sure you'll have fun with it!


I made these last Friday with a nice salad. They passed the wife's taste test and that made me happy. We had a couple left over and I happened to have a couple leftover sourdough english muffins on hand. So I toasted those, reheated the crab cakes, and a little tartar sauce made for some really nice crabwiches.



Hi Jan - I'm glad the Missus enjoyed the crab cakes.... we gotta keep her happy!

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