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Sunday, 25 February 2007



Your homecooking projects are one of my favorite type of posts on your site Kirk. Fantastic post!

Did you ever catch this?:


that pork looks delicious!

Wandering Chopsticks

Looks good Kirk. Did Frankie and Sammy benefit again when you couldn't finish? :)

Did you see my version?


So who created this braised pork?
I've seen the Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and if I recall there is a Thai version of this.

Joseph E

Wow, Kirk, you sure can cook. Do you need any help finishing off that pork belly, or did the boyz jump on it already?

I can hardly keep up with all the posts recently. Keep up the good work.

If you've been back to Asia Cafe recently, perhaps you could share a few photos; I know Ed said many of the best dishes are not on the menu. You haven't posted anything from Ba Ren for a while... Maybe a rotation update is in order?

I'd bet Thien thanh is on the list by now.


the sake you have at the bottom picture, i brought to a party with my friends.

its the one that has a slightly creamy texture? its very nice haha

Passionate Eater

Yes, I agree with Kare Raisu, these are my favorite posts! I had no idea that daikon served as a meat tenderizer. Very interesting.

The final product looks wonderful and the burgundy color of the meat is fantastic. Great job again Chef Kirk!


ignore me kirk, my post is in error =P

Andy 食神

that's pro looking!


I know I've said it before, but I'm always in awe of your mad, mad cooking skillz. Buta Kakuni is a recent discovery for (I think I learned about it from either you or Daily Gluttony) I am addicted to it, to the detriment of my heart health (although the blame must be shared by Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawale). I'm not going to try this recipe myself, because I know I will make too much, no one else will eat it, and I will end up finishing it all up myself, and then, I will die.

It was great to finally meet you, esteemed Kirk-san. Thanks for driving up all the way from SD!


That's strange. Next weekend, my cooking club's theme is Japanese and I volunteered to make buta kakuni, using Shimbo's recipe.

Kirk, I am now convinced that you are psychic! Your pork belly dish looks delicious!

By the way, Ba Ren does Dong Po Rou, but they don't always have it. They said they only serve it during the winter.


Hi Kaire Rasu - Thanks for the kinds words. Man, that is some CH thread, I should check those boards a bit more than I do.

Hi Reynila - It was quite good texture wise, man that fat was great!

Hi WC - Looks fab! Nice and rich....

Hi Billy - Based on your comment, and a few emails, I added a short paragraph of background info....I hope it provides a bit more info.

Hi JospehE - Thanks, but all it is is some steaming than braising...
As for Ba Ren, I do have another post ready, but have held it back, since I thought I've posted on Ba Ren much too many times. But for you, I'll do another. We haven't been to Asia Cafe in a few months...and by now Ed from Yuma proably knows more of what's Not on the menu than I.... I need to update the rotation...and add Mien Trung.

Hi Clayfu - No problemo! Sounds like you enjoy Nigori Sake...a bit too sweet for me. But hey, I know you like the higher alcohol content, right?

Hi PE - I'd never have thought of using Daikon either. The result was quite good. And like I replied to Joseph, this was quite simple and easy to make.

Hi Andy - I think it's maybe a bit too dark....

Hi Elmo - First off, thanks for invite, I appreciate it. And this wasn't very hard to is rich and I can't eat very much of it.

Hi Howie - Yeah, I remember the Dong Po Rou being on the placard...but never had the guts to order it. I though I'd love it and eat the whole thing myelf! ;o) Like they say..."great minds cook alike!"

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk,
You know since you've eaten your way through all the Asian restaurants in SD, I think you should post more food recipes! From the comments you know you've got an audience for that. :)


where did you find the bottle of kubota? I've been trying to get on here in the states with no luck so far. How do you like it?


Kirk, make sure you take some Zetia along with your Lipitor. And I gotta wipe the drool off my keyboard again.

Seriously though, have you ever tried the don bo rou at a restaurant called Chang's Garden in Arcadia? I really like their version.


Hi WC - Yeah, you've got a point...though there's an issue of "mo" with me...not "mo" as in mo-mentum, but "mo" as in mo-tivation! I use cooking as a relaxation, so I like to take my time...which won't usually work during the week. But we'll see....

Hi rc - I have a "connection" that can get me Kubota Manju. I enjoy the refined flavor, but rather have it with a meal, than drinking it is really, really, good stuff!

Hi Liver - I'll make sure to do that! ;o) Haven't been to Chang's Garden's next to Sin Ba La, right? But now it's on my list! Thanks for the recommendation.


wow..they don't make it like that anymore, great recipe, Kirk :) This is a Shanghainese specialty. They're so famous for their dong po rou that you can even get it at souveneir/ specialty shops in Shanghai - vacuumed packed meat packed 1 pounder for that costs like USD 50 cents. Hmm..secret ingredient is rock sugar and thick sweet black sauce. But this variation is really great, gotta try this sometime, thanks for sharing :)


That sound you hear is me whining like a dog, begging for pork belly! It looks so wonderful!


Hi MW - It's a bit different from Dong Pu Rou....but very rich.

Hi Sher - Thanks...and here's a "ruff-ruff-ruff" to you! I don't think that'll scare Upsie....



Interesting that you would cook this at home. I haven't made it in ages if only because it can be quite rich. Like you, I could probably eat only a few pieces before...well, you know.

Looks tempting though.

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