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Monday, 24 December 2007



Bummer you have to work! Have a Merry Christmas nonetheless!!!! Your duck looked fantastic!


Is that mizuna underneath the duck? Where do you buy it in SD?

(Cast iron rules (especially 1950s enamel-coated like Descoware), even if it is heavy. Maybe because it's heavy, better heat retention & distribution.)


Mmmmm nummy num - looks yummy! Marry Christmas to you and your family!


Boo! you have to work on Christmas. Your linner/dunch looks delicious!


Poo on the work tomorrow. Hope your Christmas evening will be terrific!


Happy holidays to you, the missus, and Sammy & Frankie! May we all be fortunate enough to have good food in our lives.


MErry Christmas Kirk, the missus, Sammy and Franky!

Kirk, what is that green vegetable that's feature on this post?


Merry Christmas, Kirk! The duck looks delicious! Don't work too hard.

ed (from Yuma)

Darn - working on Xmas! Bah Humbug on that.

That duck looks great.

I'm going to be making your (and the missus') Chinese roast duck stock soup for a pot luck today.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Oh bummer. Lovely duck though. Funny you posted that Honeybaked Ham pic. I was in that line yesterday (except the one in Tustin). Check it out here:



Happy holidays to you and the missus!


Merry Christmas, Kirk. Yes, scoring the duck's skin (perhaps even completely through) prevents the skin from lifting off in a single gulp. Since you sliced your duck in bite size portions, it wouldn't matter that much. But you know what I mean.


Hi CC - Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

Hi Vicky - You can get Mizuna at both Nijiya:

Nijiya Market
3860 Convoy St Ste 109
San Diego, CA 92111

And Mitsuwa:

Mitsuwa Marketplace
4240 Kearny Mesa Rd Ste 119
San Diego, CA 92111

You should have no problem getting it(and probably a ton of other stuff) there.

Hi Jenn - Happy holidas to you as well!

Hi Kat - was a pretty god linner/dunch! ;O)

Hi Carol - I hope you have a great holiday as well!

Hi Liver - Happy Holidays! Nice to hear from you.

Hi Joanna - The big photo is a close-up of some watercress that the Missus enjoys in Her Sukiyaki.

Hi Howie - Merry Christmas! And like everything I make....super easy!

Hi Ed - Mmmmm sounds delish, I hope it turns out well.

Hi Elmo - In this case, I'm pretty sure that line for post-Christmas returns will be kinda short!

Hi Reid - Thanks...the same to you as well!

Hi RONW - Merry Christmas! There are a couple of reasons I score the skin on duck breasts:

Scoring allows some fat to escape from the meat into the pan, and allows you to cook it without adding fat. It also allows flavor to be introduced directly to the meat, rather than just to the skin. Finally, scoring also prevents the duck skin from curling up in the pan, which would make it cook unevenly...and not look as nice.


Hi. I googled cast iron nabe several sources. perhaps google is still rooted in the twentieth century.


Hi Rooney - I wouldn't know...I'm sooo last century! ;o)


Merry belated Christmas Kirk! :) Bummer about working on Christmas Day...but at least you had some delicious duck to tide you over - it looks amazing! :)

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