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Saturday, 04 April 2020



Love all the food you are cooking up for the Missus! Sending everyone big virtual hugs!


Big hugs to the both of you fropm us as well Kat!

Som Tommy

Thank you for all the recipes. We have been making a lot of soup. I still miss the travel posts you do.


Hi ST - I'll try and get a couple of travel ones done this upcoming weekend.


Picked up some fish from Catalina. They've set up call-in orders that you can pick up in the parking lot. Tuesday-Friday. Call it in in the morning, pay with credit card, pick up in afternoon. Pan-fried some grouper (sprinkled with ground white pepper, coriander,and sumac), served it with a date compote that my wife had made. Also picked up some frozen opah loin which they have conveniently packaged in 1 lb. packs.
Your potatoes look great, as does all your stuff. Thanks.


I've been getting those emails from Catalina as well alnc. Good to know the process works out well. Sounds like a wonderful dish. Hope all is well!


I made beef pho, following the recipe in Andrea Nguyen's book. While the pho didn't taste very beefy, it was still good (especially with this cooler weather). Guess I'll have to keep practicing!


Actually sounds great Sandy! I think we're all getting a lot more cooking practice these days, huh? Hope you and yours are all safe and in good health.


Musubi (with your bbq recipe), fried rice, pasta, carnitas and salsas. Really appreciate this blog, especially these days! I am learning so much! Stay safe!


Glad you are eating well and in good health RD!

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