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Monday, 14 July 2008



Ooh, that looks tasty! As soon as we finish the Mexican rice & beans my MIL made, I'm going to have to do southern beans & rice (& collards!).


Not sure how its suppose to look but I don't care, but I'm in line waiting for a dish myself :-D


Hi Kirk,

Two picky points: I'd miss a little smoked meat in that pot, even a smoked turkey wing... and I'm not sure that cumin makes its way to many kitchens in NOLA.

Those things being said, thanks for showing us how red beans and rice are done. Call it "missionary work" and be proud to have advanced the cause!



Oops. Just noticed the ham bone was "smokey". Good call.



looks really yum! In the past when I have made pea and ham soup I used a pressure cooker and it cut the time by less than half! the meat falls off the bone about half an hour later. Yes I know how you feel about pressure cookers ... but it saves electricity/time/gas!


saw the ham hock and immediately thought...portuguese bean soup!!


Thanks for the history of Red Bean Mondays. I'm a sucker for southern food and this is right up my alley. Oh, and you're quite a good man for making the missus what she wants!


The Mister loves red beans and rice. Maybe I'll surprise him next month for his birthday. Thanks for the recipe! (hehe, stay upwind...)


that looks pretty good. i'm going to try making that this weekend. do they sell hocks at any market or only some?


How was that Pot Liquor in that there mess o'greens, Kirk? =P

Looks good. Wish I wasn't on a forever-diet.

I done luv me my red bean, mm-hmmm. You're gonna have to talk to your girl about bacon fat though...she needs som eju-ma-katin.


The Missus is so very lucky to have you cooking for her! ^_^

ed (from Yuma)

Great stuff. Love those hocks. Seisels also has them. Best I've seen in years. Makin me hungry again!


At first, I didn't think I would be interested in red beans and rice, I mean, we usually think of it a side here, don't we. But now knowing what's in it...I want this!

It kinda looks like etouffee (sp). Great job on the presentation!


Hi Vicki - I'd love to read how your red beans and rice turn out!

Hi Billy - It turned out pretty good....just easy down home cooking.

Hi Omar - I know the cumin is not part of the usual "creole seasoning" thing. But I thought it gave the whole dish a faint was fun to experiment a bit.

Hi Rachel - We had thoughts about usuing the pressure cooker....but I just loved the smell of this hanging around the house for a few hours.

Hi Kat- Whenever I see ham hocks, that's the same thing that goes through my mind first too.

Hi Sharon - I hope you give it a shot....I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Hi Carol - Have fun, and stay upwind..... ;o)

Hi Sawyer - I've seen ham hocks in many markets, but I'd recommend the ones sold by Iowa Meat Farms and Seisels...they have the best flavor and smokiness.

Hi Bri - It was good....I felt the greens could have used maybe a half hour more......

Hi Kathy - LOL! I think I need to show Her your comment!!!!

Hi Ed - I'll usually get them from Seisels, since it's closer, but since I was at IMF......

Hi Elmo - To tell you the truth, I didn't think anyone would be interested in this post..... I guess I'm wrong again.


Big props for using Crystal! May I ask what brand of red beans you cooked? They looked fairly large, or maybe that was the zoom...?


Hi Trent - I cant remember the was "small red beans".


Ha! Well, then compliments on your camera's zoom. BTW, I've had some fun adding different things to red beans over the years, like pomegranate molasses, chipotle in adobo, and pork fu, (in different versions). Your recipe is pretty classic, though!

Jeff C

Kirk, mmm mmm mmm. That has got to be some tasty beans and rice. I'm wondering if I could substitute adzuki beans because I've got a bunch left over from making red bean sweets.
Now for collards. I've never really caught on to them. Maybe because of the texture of just because your boiling it forever.
I've notice a lot of down home places uses plenty of powdered onion also in both the bean and the collards.



I've got a stash of Camellia red beans and some homemade andouille from LaFourche Parish (straight from Ken's Deer Butcher Shop). If you like, drop me a line and we can discuss sharing. They're the real deal, I'm guarahntee...


Hi Trent - And they called me on the cumin!!! ;o)

Hi Jeffrey - I used grated onion for Collards, I dunno about the adzuki beans......that would be interesting. BTW, I've read that Adzuki Beans do not require soaking.

Hey Omar - Thanks for the gracious offer....but I'd much rather taste the final product...or in fact, a nice post would do!!! ;o)

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