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Thursday, 15 June 2017


Soo @ hungryones

Reading your post gives me deja vu. I took photos of the model train and the metal sculptures and ate at Reno's Fish & Chips. I gave you a shoutout at the end of my Del Mar Fair post. You have done an awesome job documenting the fair each year.


Thanks so much, Soo. Great minds, eh? This Fair has a great theme, but seems a bit disorganized; I can't put my finger on it, but will hopefully see a difference on my next visits.


First time going maybe 6 years, going to be hard to pick something(s) to eat this year. Can't decide what i want.


Yay, this is our preview for our visit tomorrow. I need to find that cauliflower sandwich and corn in a cup will definitely be consumed (much neater to eat than an ear of corn)! I love the home and hobby section, especially the collections (some of which are quite interesting).

As always, your posts are so informative. Looking forward to your subsequent fair posts. :)


I thought a bit before responding, Seth. You are almost a 'first timer' and I have added some thumbnails to the bottom of this post; would simply recommend that you go slow, with smaller or shareable things. I do try things I can't get during the rest of the year, like the cream puff and apple rings/apple fries/apple tower...even though Roxy's is in Encinitas, when we go there, I always want the soup and not a sandwich...There are many 'on a stick' items available too... Just walk around and enjoy. Make sure to get discounted admission tickets (or enter a Home and Hobby daily contest to get in free if you are planning on a certain date) and use the free parking-more $$$ to spend on foods!

You will enjoy the Fair, cc. I'm glad you pay attention to all the exhibits and entries in the Student Showcase as well as Home and Hobby. It's another Fair theme of things to learn.


Even though Bacon-a-Fair didn't have the new bacon wrapped cactus posted on the menu board when I visited, I was able to order it by asking. They prepared it as a special order thus it took awhile to get. Small but slime-y and tasty.


Thanks for the link! I noticed some extra hits on my Del Mar Fair post. :-)


Thanks for the tip about just asking, Jess. It did take a bit longer, because the cactus wasn't pre-made (the asparagus and Brussels sprouts 'age' well on the grill, but those thin cactus leaves probably don't). It was yummy!
You're welcome, Soo. It was so nice to see that you already went to the Fair and that you enjoyed the same things we had as well as stuff I hadn't noticed. Have never stayed into the evening; the lights are just beautiful and make it look so different.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

i always enjoy wandering around the fair. the last two years i ordered 'healthy' food from roxy's but this year actually sampled various vendors for 'taste of the fair.' i missed the cauliflower items that cc mentioned but definitely want to try those next year!


Oh, so jealous-we haven't made it to a 'Taste the Fair Day' in quite a few years now, Lynn-it's such a good deal. They didn't have the cauliflower sandwich last year and I missed it. Its a great vegetarian many complimentary flavors.

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