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Friday, 12 September 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Doggone, you made me hungry. Now I want to do a meatloaf. I really like "process" recipes because that's how I cook. But these days, no need to cook pork to 170. It is safe in the US to eat pork medium rare (or even rare). No trichinosis.


Hi Cathy, I just love the label on that can of Mushroom Steak Sauce. Gotta try it one day.

jeff c

Cathy, mmmmmmmm. Rumble rumble. slobber.,slobber.
That was my stomach and salivary glands giving your cooking a standing O.
I bet you always get repeat guests at your dinner parties.


Hi, ed- I did change the post a bit. I just don't want anyone to die, get sick, have a know how much I hate paperwork... :)
I looked at the can and have no idea why a rooster is on a can of mushroom steak sauce, Dennis, except to indicate dawn I guess. (it is the Chinese symbol for the birth year of The Mister and myself though...maybe that is why I bought it the first time)
I heard strange noises, jeff! I make things very simply and less can go wrong, or bad. You can always add salt or other flavorings, but you can't take any away...Look up my Holiday Bowl posts= we make the rib roast...100+ people attend that tailgate, as we have for the last 14 years or so, and they all know we bring the garlic beef...most do not know our names, though...


Yum, meatloaf and mashed garlic potatoes is one of our favorites. Now that you've mentioned it, you're right that the Mister has never made the same loaf twice. We've never added mushrooms before but will certainly try that next time!


I used to do garlic mashed all the time, Carol, but my mom didn't like them, so I started being more simple and 'spicing up' the other things...and that worked out better for both of us...The raw mushrooms stretch, but sauteed mushrooms give it a flavor...your choice. I once even put in sprouts and that added a crunch...

ed (from Yuma)

I thought about your recipe
all day and ended up making a variation of it for dinner last night. Best meatloaf I've made in . . . (well can't remember when).

About the temperature. I have suffered through so many overcooked pork roasts that I try to spread the word that medium rare pork is perfectly safe these days. I think people overcooking the "other white meat" is why so much pork in supermarkets these days is pumped up with sodium gunk and water - so often 12-15% of what you pay for the product is really money spent on this "enhancement" (?)

Sorry for the mini-rant. Thanks again for the recipe.


I'm with you, Ed. I believe pork is safe with an internal temperature at 140 degrees, no trichinosis. But with the variance of thermometers, some recommend 150 degrees. I usually pull the pork off the heat or oven at about 135-140 and then let it rest. That should take care of any nasties.


Pork roast is different than ground pork and ground beef in a loaf shape which is different than hamburger shape is all I was trying to stress, ed and Carol...I love rare to medium rare in roasts, steaks and burgers...but not meatloaf. Probably because it is also going to be a leftover/cold meal.

I just have cravings for mashed potatoes and make the meatloaf as the 'rounding out' of the meal...


Is this mushroom steak sauce available at your ordinary grocery store?


Hi Sandy! Vons. Used to have it at Albertsons. Probably still do at Ralphs, (but I haven't been there in a while)... Bottom shelf. Always look at the bottom shelf...or the top shelf- companies pay to have stuff at eye level and the great stuff doesn't have to advertise. Hence my Biscos cookies...sorry not focused...There are wonderful things not at eye level.




You know, this particular meatloaf turned out so well, even cold for sandwiches, Bill. There, of course, were no leftover potatoes...


I like a left over meatloaf sandwich please. Slather some mash potatoes btw some bread with a nice thick meatloaf and I am set ;-)


Gosh that sounds perfect, Bill. I think I need to invite a bunch of people over for some simple foods...


Cathy - name the date and time!

You weren't kidding about the mushroom steak sauce being on the bottom shelf. I found it at a Vons, but it was almost hidden behind one of those wire display baskets in the aisle. I'm thinking of adding fresh mushrooms to this sauce.

tina marie

Cathy, I've never made meatloaf ever, and this post has inspired me to finally do so! Also drool. lol I wonder if I can get that mushroom steak sauce here in Yuma. :)


I just started the deep cleaning for the holidays inside and outside my house, Sandy...perhaps you can be a "test meal"...I would also have sauteed mushrooms (sauteed in butter of course)on the side..but the gravy really can stand on its own.
AH-Tina Marie...glad I could be an inspiration for you. Main thing is not to overwork the meat before cooking. Gently blend the ingredients together and let the flavors meld together when they cook. Also, remember you can add spices later...salt, pepper, garlic powder, catsup, chili sauce... But you can't delete thos flavors if you have put in too much...Look on bottom shelves for interesting gravies. Sometimes some cost more and aren't on sale or have a coupon...that is because it doesn't need that incentive. If you ever see "BnB Mushrooms" (in a small blue can)(BnB=Broiled in Butter) get it.


hi cathy-- I've begun to make a duxelles of mushrooms after remembering seeing La Julia make it for a dish. So for binders/moisture in meatloaf, I whiz raw mushrooms, some chopped onion, garlic, bell pepper, parsley, pinch of 'Italian Herbs', S&P and a bread crust or two till it's a fine mince. Then I sprinkle this over the meat in a large bowl and mix by hand. The veggies give off their moisture and flavor to the breadcrumbs which also soak up the meat juices. Results in a moist meatloaf.

Really like your $5 Fridays. Just great.


Hi Teejay (and welcome to the commenting side of the blog). What a great idea. The Mister and I love mushrooms and I had never put them *in*to a meatloaf, just on top. I'll try this (more veggies) next time. I need to get back to the $5 Friday stuff, I suppose I have just been cooking whatever and going wherever because of the holidays.

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