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Sunday, 29 March 2009



mmmmmm, i love this dish, esp. with dried shrimp and the preserved greens!!

Wandering Chopsticks

Dried shrimp is a great touch. I should of thought of that since I don't always have ground pork on hand. Great job in the puckered skin. I love it in restaurants, but always feel like it's too oily to do at home.


Hi Pam - Congrat's on the new job. Preserved vegetable is a must for this dish.

Hi WC - This dish can be oily, but by cutting down on the oil used, and replacing the pork, we've made a bit of a compromise.


Looks delicious Kirk! The dish visually reminds me of Pad Prik King I get at Thai restaurants also. I really gotta get me one of those high btu wok burners!


I was finally able to score a Big Kahuna on Amazon. I've wanted one ever since your first post about it, but either didn't have the money, or it simply wasn't available. The only problem is that my email notice said it would take 6-8 weeks to ship! Guess it's more of a summer item anyway.

Kirk, do you have the 22" wok? I read a lot of reviews that said they were difficult to season and clean.


Hi Dennis - You won't need the Kahuna for this dish, I make it on the stove top.

Hi Jan - congrats on your new purchase! I'm glad they're making it again. I have 3 14" woks. 22" is a bit big for our use. Get one from T&L, it looks like they have a decent selection.


Doh! I wrote too soon. Seems I was able to "accidentally" order the kit from Amazon and they are still out of stock. I just received a refund instead of a stand. Drats! I'm going to have to get a blowtorch and modify my turkey fryer stand. ;)


Hi Jan - Have you taken a look at this?

You'll probably need a wok ring though.

or maybe this one - not as many BTU's but still more than enough.


I remember seeing one at Lowes in Mission Valley a while back but I can't remember the brand. Forgot how high the btu's were but the price was comparable.

Passionate Eater

So now we know the secret of where the vegetables are at Mmm-Yoso!!, Kirk is cooking them!


Hi Dennis - You have to make sure you'll be able to fit a wok on them. The Big Kahuna has a reversable plate, which works well.

Hi PE - I think you overestimate my cooking abilities. But thanks, I appreciate your kind words. ;o)


this looks so good!


Hi Kat - It was pretty good, yes.

Faine G

Aww yeah. That's one of my favorite dishes of all time. We usually do them with BBQ pork but I think dried shrimp could be just as delish...


Hi Faine - The Missus actually prefers the dried shrimp version to the pork version nowadays....makes it easier for me too.

Vicky (SF Bay Area)

kirk! email me your work/mailing addy. we got some AMAZING preserved turnip from this famous store in tainan.... we want mail down a pack or two to you so you can use it with your green beans!

James Rodgers

When do you add the garlic?


Nice catch James! I add the garlic in with the Sichuan Preserved Vegetable!

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