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Monday, 18 June 2012



Nice work K! Good to see you and the M on Sunday....I bought some maguro for my poke lunch on Monday.

Enjoy home and hope you get to Ono for some poke.

Take care...

Ped Ma & Mrs. Ped Ma


that looks awesome!


Hi PedMa - It was nice running into the both of you as well!

The Missus really enjoyed it Kat!


Nice. Speaking of NSFW, I made this about a year ago and brought leftovers to work. My coworkers could still smell it on our floor for two days:


Geez Jan.....Man, that must have drove them crazy.


I love this dish! The sauce is so good to soak with bread...


Hi CC - This dish was made for bread.....or perhaps visa versa!


The more garlic the better!!


I agree Carol!

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