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Sunday, 11 November 2007



I've never had watercress tempura, but this and the shrimp look wonderful!


Everything taste better fried....


Hi Kirk, A few years ago, we saw Sam Choy make this on his cooking show(it featured the Sumida Watercress farm) and ever since then, my wife makes this a couple times during the depends upon watercress availability at the market. It tastes great when it's still hot. I believe this is the only way my daughter will eat watercress. We all love it!


my compliments to the chef.


Wow looks yummy!!! I love watercress. Pity I am just lazy to deep fry and don't want to clean up the mess or know exactly how much oil is going into my meal ;)

It makes a pretty tempura too :)


Hi Kat - Thanks....the shrimp isn't anything but panko shrimp. You may want to try the watercress.

Hi Billy - Doesn't it though?

Hi DWF - I googled that, and was shocked...looked almost the same as what my Mom made back in the 60's and 70's! I've found that the colder the batter, the longer the tempura will stay crisp.

Hi RONW - Awwww big deal.

Hi Rachel - I like watercress tea sandwiches as well. Try out fresh watercress dipped into mayo with a bit of soy sauce.



I have never had watercress tempura, but I do like the parsley tempura at Nuuanu Okazuya. Have you tried it? I could probably eat a whole pan full of the stuff in one sitting because it is so light!


Hi Reid - No I've never had that.....sounds really good. But than again, if it's fried.....

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