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Monday, 11 July 2011



Cold Ginger Chicken is one of my all time favorite dishes...


Ooh, thanks for posting that ginger/scallion sauce recipe! It's one of my favorite sauces and I practically have to beg the guy at my favorite HK roast meat place to give me an extra container...but now I can make it myself! Yes! In your face, cranky cashier guy!


Yay. The recipe. I can put that Kwai Fei sauce on everything! :) Thanks Kirk.


It's one of mine too Nate!

Hi TFG - Yes, you can now make it yourself.

Hi Dennis - Yes you can.... and it tastes good on so many different things.

Jeff C

Kirk, I've been really diggin' your weeknight entries of late. It really seems your tastes are similar to my tastes. This scallion pesto is great. I had a version from the Monterey Park Sam Woo's that they used to serve with there Jiang you ji and I always assumed that the oil was a mix of chicken fat and vegetable oil. I may be wrong.
Take care,


Looks beautiful and delicious to me Kirk!


Photos look really good and thanks for the simple recipe ideas. You are the one who introduced me to Kwai Fei and I wanted it for my birthday last year. The Mister was apprehensive, based on the pale color. Now he wants it each time we go to GC.

Did I tell you we bought boneless skinless legs at 99Ranch a few months ago? They were on sale and all in one piece, perfectly cut. Don't mess with the butchers there!


haven't had cold ginger chicken in ages...yours looks better than what I remember the chinese restaurants used to serve...


Hi Jeff - It could very well be that they use rendered chicken fat, or even concentrated chicken stock/jelly....though it can be quite cloudy and will congeal at a very low temp! I'm glad you're enjoying the cooking posts, we've been eating at home quite a bit recently.

Thanks Carol!

Hi Cathy - The look of the chicken does give people pause.... but once they taste it their usually hooked!

Hi Kat - Actually, I've been craving it for a while..... it's too bad that it seems most places don't do it very good nowadays.


My brother loves Kwai Fei chicken. I know he's going to read this recipe for this sauce and make a mess in the kitchen again. Heh


OMG thanks for posting this recipe. I can taste that sauce just looking at the pictures!


Hi Kirbie - LOL! This isn't very least it shouldn't be! ;o)

Hi James - This is pretty easy one to make, I hope it turns out well for you!


I love your cooking posts!! everything always looks so easy and delicious, but I know that making things properly always takes a bit of time and experience =)


Hi Lynnea - Thanks.... but most of what I make is quite easy. Though you're right in that many of the dishes I make I've made many times over the years.....

Peter K. Pascal III

If there is any left over or extra ginger sauce try make fried rice... You might want to stir fry cut up chicken then add cooked rice and ginger sauce. Ho "broke da mouth"


I use a Costco rotisserie chicken rubbed with five-spice while it's warm then refrigerated and it's the bomb! Saves time and tastes better than most cold ginger chicken recipes. I also add a tablespoon of Oyster sauce to the sauce!

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