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Thursday, 14 April 2011



both look great!




I'll take one of each please!


I love the King Mushrooms - those are also the Trumpet Mushrooms right? They were on sale at Nijiya for $1.99/pack. My grams made them for me awhile back (just stirfry w/ garlic, oil, hondashi and it was perfect). Your recipe looks wonderful. The way you sliced the trumpets were great - they look like dried tofu sliced thin!


such a yummy looking dish. looks so nice with the fresh mushrooms and bean sprouts.


Hi Kat - And it was easy to make too!

Hi Ken - It's the least I could do......

Hi Carol - Pretty easy stuff overall.

Hi Faye - Yes, you'll also see them called Eryngii on some Japanese menus.

Hi Lynnea - This came out better then I thought.


The question should be, which looks better in rice? :) I always thought the more contrast the better. But in a dish, #2 is the obvious winner.

Funny, we just grilled some king mushrooms per one of your (non)recipes.

Food detective

2! Plus less expensive!


Hi Jan - I'm wondering how those grilled mushrooms turnde out?

Hi TFD - LOL! I already knew what your answer would be.


Thanks for the recipe kirk! Just tried it out, and it didn't look nearly as brown or appetizing as yours, but I think it turned out not bad.

I'll link the post to my name if you're curious how it turned out :)

Mack Shepperson

I just had a big meal, but this post made me hungry again. I love Chinese dishes, especially those with mushrooms. Both look great. Awesome recipe, buddy.

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