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Saturday, 20 June 2009



Looks really good and the flavors sound great. I love culturally blended dishes like this.

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

Haha, I know what you mean, re the "scent" of cumin. Our parents don't like it, but it's sometimes frustrating because a lot of different cuisines use cumin... so we're being held back from cooking them! ;D


Hi Mike - The flavors work really well.

Hi ts - he-he-he-he...... They need to get past the "B.O."


very nice! this is my bf's favorite dish... now i just need to learn how to cook!


I've always been curious in ordering cumin lamb but for some reason never have. I will have to keep some leftovers for later to put over a bowl of steamy rice! A Zi-Ran-Yang-Rou-Don, Yum. :)


I too would have had a puzzled look with chinese and cumin...but now, this looks and sounds delicious :)


Hi CC - This one is really easy, so you may want to give it a try. You need to start with a very hot wok.

Hi Dennis - I think Dede's does a good version; and it is heaven on hot rice.

Hi Kat - When I first saw it on a menu, I was curious about it asa well.


It looks delicious, Kirk. Now I have 2 lamb dishes to try (Cathy's is the other one). I like the idea of using the shabu shabu slices.


Hey Carol - This was Ono!


wow, that sounds so good! the B.O. comment cracks me up, my (japan born) grandmother absolutely hated that spice.


Hi FH - LOL! When I get stuck trying to describe the smell of cumin, I always bust out the B.O...... ;o)


Hi Kirk, just tried cumin lamb today. Both the dish and dede's was a first. I really liked it! And I will be definitely returning to dede's as well. I chuckled when the dish first arrived though. The aroma at totally reminds me of b.o.! In the beginning anyway..


Hi Dennis - Another BO...ummmmm, Cumin Lamb lover is born.


I know this recipe has been on here for a while, but I just wanted to thank you for it again. It's become a staple in our house and I've introduced others to it as well. Just last night we made it for a pot luck. I wanted something I could prepare mostly before we went as we were going right after work. I just dumped everything together and marinated it and stir fried it when we got to our friend's house. They were blown away by it and I've just pointed them to your site. I'm going through other recipes now and as a transplanted Chinese American girl in Scotland, you have no idea how grateful I am! Cheers!


Thanks so much for the kind words Brookstar! You don't know how much I appreciate knowing how the recipe turns out for folks. I hope you find some other recipes as useful. Thanks again for reading; and taking the time to comment.

frances jelley

this is a winner recipe. i have eaten that in China and also in Sydney, my home town, in Ashfield. One of my favourite restaurants here introduced it for the Sydney Olympics because lamb is so popular here. It has never left their menu even tho it is a Shanghainese restaurant. Thanks for posting it. I am going to make it next week. I will use lamb backstraps...the tenderest part, and bring the lamb to room temperature and cook for the shortest possible time. Cheers!

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