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Monday, 08 October 2012



Wow! That looks delicious! What an interesting recipe. I love polenta.


wow, it's almost like a south african version of a shepherd's pie :)

i sometimes see armadillo for sale at the market i hate the most (hawaii market in SG). i just think of it as roadkill--do you think you can make something appetizing out of it?


oh wait. i forgot armadillo meat can spread leprosy in humans. never mind.


wow antelope something you won't see in japan for sure. your shepherd's pie looks good!


Hi Ange - Trying to give rthat antelope some flavor was the hardest part. The Missus loves polenta....

LOL Santos! Trying to get rid of us are you? Just kidding.....mammals are a lot easier to prepare. I'm thinking we'll check out Hawaii Market again, but I detest that parking lot and the condition of the place. The Missus wanted to call this series "Roadkill of the week", but I just didn't think that would be appropriate.

Thanks Kat, it was a bit of a challenge having never had antelope before.


Sounds good. Without having made it yet, I couldn't offer suggestions other than more W sauce. I LOVE that stuff. :)


Great dish and Wow! I like the name "hoppers" ;-)
But why is butter "persona non grata" = because of lactose?


Hi Jan - This was a lot of really made me think.

Hi Michaela - For some reason, the Missus doesn't like butter in anything but cookies and cake, etc.....

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