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Thursday, 13 December 2012



this looks super comforting!


It doesn't have to be just for breakfast! I have the cumin, peppers and harissa-and yesterday counted 15 green (but starting to change color) tomatoes on the remaining plants. We'll be trying this next week.


I learned of Yotam Ottolenghi only recently, as I've been watching his 4-part series "Mediterranean Feast" (Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Israel), and loving it. I didn't know he had a vegetarian cookbook, I'll have to check it out!


that looks so amazingly good!! oh wow, the drippy egg photo just puts this post over the edge! =) really need to make this even though it isn't tomato season


wow -- looks super scrumptious, Kirk!!! we also have Plenty and Jerusalem (i believe it was on your blog where we first noticed the Plenty cookbook) and hubby cannot say enough good things about both cookbooks. just last night hubby made the Ultimate Winter Cous Cous dish from Plenty. but we couldn't find harissa anywhere in the store (didn't actually expect to either - let me know if you ever know of a store around here that carries it - i notice you got yours at a farmer's market) so hubby made it from scratch (following the harissa recipe in Plenty). for this dish he followed the recipe exactly and i highly recommend it (SO yummy). i love that you include recipes that you try, as well as restaurant reviews, on your blog. i could not point to any other food blog out there that is more in line with hubby and my tastes (including the things you cook yourself too). and for the few posts that might not be so much in our flavor-preference profiles, i still love to see your photos or just read and learn something new (whether about food or a place in the world that you and The Missus have traveled to). i don't think people mind hearing "thank you" too much, right? because i know i always say it but -- thanks again, for having such an awesome blog!


p.s. "for this dish he followed the recipe exactly and i highly recommend it (SO yummy)" ... just to clarify, i was talking about the cous cous recipe that he followed exactly, not the shakshuka (sort of unclear depending on how you read it). definitely understand the importance of knowing how to modify recipes for one's own tastes or for various other reasons =)


Hi dancing-you can get Harissa at Vine Ripe Market in La Mesa.


Hi Kat - It was very comforting!

Hi Cathy - Yeah, this turned out to be a very delicious dinner.

Hi H - Plenty is probably the Missus's favorite cookbook to leaf through....

Hi Lynnea - I balanced things out by using more tomato paste. I just can't help myself when it comes to a drippy egg photo!

Aw geez Dancing....thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words. I've seen karissa at North Park Produce on occasion and Balboa Market as well, but not all the time. Thanks again for reading and commenting!


oh my, does that look good! I think that all of those flavors must be incredible!


hi Cathy and Kirk, thanks for the info on possible stores to get harissa! definitely more convenient to get it already-made! if the cookbook hadn't included instructions on how to make harissa, then our cous cous meal would have been sadly put on hold. hubby was pretty set on making the dish though, even if it meant spending extra time to make the harissa. but i've noted the stores you mentioned because hubby's already got his eye on some other recipes from Plenty and Jerusalem that use harissa. including the shakshuka that hubby's inspired to make soon (after seeing your photos!). =)


Hi Sandy - It was very tasty!

Hi Dancing - You'll find that every harissa is it's probably for the better that the Hubby made his own. I'm thinking that might be the way to go for me as well.....though I have about seven different recipes to look at to decide!


North park produce also has harissa


Hi Margot - Yes, I know, I shop there weekly. Balboa market has it as well.....but I can't recommend it because it doesn't taste right. Thanks for taking the time out to comment.

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