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Monday, 23 June 2008



Wow! That food looks really delici-yos0! I usually do BBQ beef ribs in my crockpot. After 10 hours, they are falling off the bone. Gonna try that recipe. Don't recognize the vegetable, but it looks tasty.
Thanks again. Love this blog. Read it every day!


man that first shot really jumped out at me! miss red char siu, they only have grey looking kind here. all the other dishes look delicious too :)


Oh man, I am drooling over these :) It doesn't help that my partner is late home with dinner.

And yes, the comment about the red is very true! lol


Ack! you have just made me realise with shock and horror that char siew isn't magically red! I now need to sit down and recover.


I've got King's Hawaiian Bread in hand and I'm coming over.


Hi Stephen - If you want your ribs really tender, wrap them in foil, and bake for about 2 hours. Then adjust the baking time and temperature.

Hi Kat - I love the Japanese Chashu, but it is usually pretty fatty, so I'm not able to eat much of it.

Hi Darqrat - I hope you managed to have a nice dinner.

Hi Rachel - LOL! Sorry to have to break the news in such shokcing fashion. ;o)

Hi Carol - That does sound like a nice combination.


Thank you for the idea! Sounds like Saturday evening for me. ;)


Hi Jan - Like i mentioed above; you may want to cook it wrapped in foil for a few hours if you like your ribs more tender. But I liked the flavor/ Let me know how they turned out.


Well done. Those ribs look tastey.

Jeff C

Kirk, I always forget what an excellent cook you are. The wok hay of your big kahuna and your wok seems to be in perfect working order.
I'd love to know if you got a ramen broth soup recipe and whether you use your own chasiu or buy it.


Hi Rob - They were pretty good.

Hi Jeffrey - The wok does all the work....and quickly. Oil blanching is a wonderful thing!


Hi Kirk,

I went ahead and took a stab at these on Saturday. I wrapped them and cooked them for about an hour and a half at 320. Then continued with the glazing steps, but for a reduced time. Our oven is new and so I'm still getting used to it. It think it runs on the hot side.

The resulting ribs were a little dry, but tender (the meat fell off the bone, but it wasn't as juicy.) The marinade and glaze were yummy, but my color wasn't as vibrant. If I did this again, I'd lower my oven temp. Thanks for the recipe, it was fun!


Hi Jan - Thanks for letting me know how your ribs turned out. It might be worthwhile to buy an oven thermometer - we bought one when we moved in, and know that our oven runs about 25 degrees hot.

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