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Friday, 09 March 2007



I love misoyaki butterfish! This is going to sound so dumb, but for the longest time (I swear, up till 8th grade), I thought that the name of the fish was misoyaki butterfish, like that was the name of the actual fish, as in you could buy a whole misoyaki butterfish from the market. Someone must have been joking about that or something, and I took it to be the truth! Sigh! ;)


You should try Black Cod Vietnamese Style " Ca Kho To".
Use a clay pot simmer soy sauce sugar and freshly grounded pepper until it is reduced to a thicken sauce. Added a little fish sauce for taste and put black cod in the pot and cover it for 8-10 minutes. When ready to serve added freshly deep fried shallots and grounded pepper. It always taste good with rice.

Wandering Chopsticks

Oh man, that looks good. I've never cooked with miso or sake before. I wouldn't even know where to begin adjusting amounts and brands. So I think you should just make another batch and invite me over for dinner. ;)


That looks like some seriously tasty fish! This is a great idea for a quick, mostly make-ahead weekday meal.

My mom often does a similar dish, but she mixes in some honey.

Captain Jack


I mean F@&king Yum! I will definately try this recipe. Where did you buy the black cod?


clare eats

Oh that looks so damm good!
BTW... HI!

You know if you wanted some ginger flavour you could just put a few thick slices in with the mirin et al as it boils and it would add flavour and then you could remove it and not have a textural problem

Hope ur all well
xx c

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, folks, this recipe works. After I paired this up with some okonomiyaki (also Kirk's recipe), some folks out here in the desert actually think I can cook Asian. Fooled them.

Seriously, this is sooo easy and soo good.


I am with you on mixing the red and white miso makes the a much tastier sauce. Funny I had planned to make this dish not with black cod but salmon. It works really nice that way. I will have to try your recipe too. I wish I could transcribe some of my recipes like you! :) I will also have to try Reid's version also. :) Yum Yum never can get enough of the stuff! :D


Perfect I know what else I can do with miso beside mabo tofu. I have the exact brand of miso sitting in the fridge at the moment at least it doesn't go bad easily.



Hey Kirk,

I haven't made this in at least a year! Thanks for the shout out and the reminder that I need to cook once in a while! :)


Hi Kathy - That's really cute! I'm sure the Missus would love to grab a whole misoyaki fish.....

Hi Beach - That sounds really good.

Hi WC - It's really not that difficult...maybe I'll bring you a "misoyaki kit" the next time I see you!

Hi Howie - I usually make a batch of 4-6 fish, and the Missus just cooks them when she feels like it.

Hi CJ - You can get the black cod at Nijiya.

Hi Clare - Thanks! I've missed your comments, we hope all is well! I keep an old garlic press(which I never use except for this)and use that to extract ginger juice when I want to add some ginger flavor.

Hi Ed - Well you can cook Asian - you're the Yuma Misoyaki King!

Hi Mills - Salmon is a good fish for this type of marinating.

Hi Billy - yes, miso is a fermented product, so it'll keep for pretty long in the frig, so long it's tightly covered, and doesn't go "dry" on you!

Hi Reid - With your busy schedule, I'm surprised you can find time to cook...or barely eat!


Oh boy! This is awesome. This is going on my file-o-recipes!


Hi Elmo - This is real easy to make.....

clare eats

Oh well yeah that is a better option LOL!

Yeah all is good over here.... but busy!


Hi Clare - It's good to know you're well! I miss you guys.


I love this dish. Thanks for your version, Kirk. I'll post mine at some point too.

Soo... Got a good saba no misoni recipe?


Hi CP - I've got a recipe somewhere - the Missus is not a big fan of Saba, so I haven't made that since my Mom was alive....I'll look for it. I think I'll do a Kasuzuke dish next....

Passionate Eater

I hope you don't mind, but I just invited myself over for dinner! Will you be making misoyaki black cod tonight?


Hi Kirk - Is butterfish the same as black cod? I was up in SF this weekend and had a steamed butterfish dish that was delicious but differently textured than the black cod I've eaten.


Hi PE - Sure! Come on over!!!!

Hi Candice - I'm not quite sure what you ate in SF. But here's some info.
What we call "Black Cod" is also called Butterfish(esp back home in Hawaii) and Gindara in Japanese, is not a Cod, but a Sablefish(Anoplopomatidae). "Black Cod"(Notothenia microlepidota) is something different, it is also called Small Scaled Cod, it should also be known that "Maori Cod" is also called "Black Cod", if that's not confusing enough. My Black Cod=Butterfish=Gindara.

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