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Tuesday, 08 September 2009



"try not to make it suck" lol, I probably would've said the same thing to Satoshi...both ways sounds really good!


looks great. never had tamarind before on the grill...sounds interesting. another recipe to try someday....

pics look beautiful btw.


Hi Kat - LOL! The Missus preferred the tamarind version of the shrimp.

Hi Sawyer - You'll need to baste instead of marinate since the sugars in tamarind will make the shrimp burn pretty quickly. It's much easier to take photos at home.....much easier! ;o)


Shrimp looks delicious! I have all the ingredients for the tamarind shrimp and I have some frozen shrimp that I need to use up. Think I'm going to make it this weekend. :)


What a pretty presentation. No nuoc mam ngot as the dressing for everything?


Hi Carol - You may want to save some sauce, and reduce on the side if you eat it with rice. The flavor is nice and mild, and lets the flavor of the shrimp come through.

Hi Billy - Actually, there's a soup sized bowl of Nuoc Mam Cham which the Missus used.... all of it, to the last drop....

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

OMG. did we both think of the same titles or what?! LOL. I had crispy duck two ways!!! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE KIRK!


LOL Judy - And just think, I had considered grilling some duck breast as well.... wouldn't that have been a hoot!


LoL nuoc mam - gotta have it. What is your recipes for nuoc mam?


Hi Billy - I start with 1/2 Cup room temp water, 3-4 Tb Fish Sauce, seems like we enjoy 3 Crab Brand for dipping and Squid Brand for cooking, go figure, and 3 Tb sugar to start. I mix to dissolve sugar. I adjust the flavors(I usually have to add more fish sauce), than add a squeeze of lime, the Missus doesn't care for too much lime, plus it sometimes makes the sauce cloudy, 2 crushed cloves of garlic, and sometimes one chopped chili.


Grilled shrimp, no matter the seasoning, is fantastic! I love how simple your recipes are. Thanks for sharing.


Aww Lynnea your so nice. My recipes are usually so simple I wonder if I should even post them.


LOL it better not suck... that's pressure! looks good and refreshing, Kirk you are an inspiration to us all.


I boil my water and sugar. I think it has a different taste. IMO
But your recipe is pretty much the same. I like to make a big batch and let the garlic,lime, and chilly mingle to get the savory flavor.


Hi Billy - So essentially you almost create a basic syrup first before adding the rest?

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