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Friday, 12 June 2009



nice grill. Which restaurant let you use their kitchen?


The Mister loves lamb but I've never worked with it before. But your recipe looks really simple and I think he might like it. Thanks for sharing it!


this looks delicious. it's been a while since i've grilled something..maybe it's about time. what did u put in ur mushroom/snow peas mix? was it just butter? i've never cooked with snow peas before


Hi Ron. It's the grill we bought in 2001 that is in the backyard with only the center burner grill part cleaned regularly. Obviously. We basically use the two side burners (and grill) to heat the machine when we use it as an oven.

The Mister and I grew up eating lamb, Carol. The marinade compliments the flavor of lamb. No real spices. Mint jelly is also a childhood thing.

I used to have a camp stove and hibachi with the small propane tank attached, even when I lived at University (in Michigan) Sawyer. Grilling is fun. Fire, you know... As far as veggies go, butter. Real butter. None of that fake stuff. Mushrooms take a while and peas just need to be steamed if anything, so I just put those on top of the finished mushrooms, maybeleave heat on a minute longer, or not. Peas are great raw... :)

Eat. Travel. Eat!

This looks great! I've never heard of marinating lamb in vinegar before. I've seen it done with mustard but not vinegar. We like our lamb seasoned with some Sonoma Ox Roast seasoning. It packs a great flavor!

Like the roasted potatoes. I always like potatoes baked in the oven :).


Vinegar makes lamb kind of salty tasting and also helps make the"glaze", ETE. The onion is the only flavor kind of imparted on the meat...the mustard and onion would be too much flavor (to me, anyhow) {the vinegar combined with the onions (and then sauteed) is a tasty side dish} .

Love potatoes and usually just rub with oil and put in foil and then onto the grill, but got a 5 lb a bag of those greenish ones at Fresh and Easy for 88 cents and they were of such various sizes, I did not want to risk various baking times. It was cool out so warming up the house with the oven on was nice.


Excellent meal, Cathy. I need to keep an eye out for lamb shoulder. We didn't eat any lamb when I was a kid, so I only think of chops when I think of lamb. I need to remember there's cheaper cuts.

We have "oven fries" just like yours at least once a week. Delicious. Thanks!!!


Thanks, Scott. My mom also used ground lamb in meatloaf and in stuffed cabbage-not 100% lamb meat, but mixed with ground pork and ground beef. I look for packages of meat with red stickers at the grocery store. Those jump out at me.
I pretty much *have* to have potatoes or bread at every meal.

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