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Tuesday, 18 October 2005



Pretty darn nice of Reid to send that over. Did you notice how she is looking for a financial partner for a new place? opportunity?


Nice chicken wings! I love Fried Chicken!!! So does the chix have a kim chee flavor??? If it's just a kick, I may have to give this recipe a go and try it for myself. Where do you get this Kim Chee Parks Brand sauce? Would they have it at 99 Ranch or at a Korean market???


Those look amazing - great color! It's dangerous to look at your site before lunch.


Hey Kirk,

Those look really good! Ditto Kristy: where can you get the Parks Brand Kimchee Sauce?


Hi Mealcentric - Reid is a Prince isn't he? If I was still living "back home" I might've given that a thought, but SD is too far away!


Hi Kristy - I initially thought it was just Kochujang, but it wasn't. The chicken has a nice mildly spicy/salty taste. The batter is crunchy, yet a bit "sticky" at the same time. As for Parks Brand Kim Chee Sauce - I've searched everywhere for the sauce on the Mainland and haven't found it. This includes Marukai - though the Costa Mesa location has Park's brand Chili Pepper Water, but not the Kim Chee Sauce - my suggestion is, since you have friends going to and from Hii, is to ask them to pick up a jar for you from Palama Supermarket.Or maybe you have some friends who work at Marukai?

Hi Candice - These are pretty good, better than my mochiko wings.

Hi Pam - I'd ask somewone to bring back some of the bottled sauce from Hii - or maybe you can find something similar? Maybe I'll try and find something similiar....


Nicely done! Those wings look scrumptious. I haven't read that article yet, but this chicken, is it uniquely Hawaiian? Or is it traditional Korean?


Hi Elmo - The wings were pretty good. If I had to put a label on it, I'd say it's a Hawaii-Korean thing.


Memories are a wonderful gift, aren't they? Kirk, just because your here doesn't mean there can't be a business op... ::shrugs meaningfully:: just a suggestion man. Mainstream Americans are ripe for a "new" food fad and wings like this just might be it. If you can whip up a similar sauce to use, I think I'm giving your recipe a shot. Maybe you can discuss proportions with Mills?


Hi Jo - Well I'll see what shakes out. We know what the ingredients are.....


Thanks Kirk for the heads up. I'll check the Marukai in Gardena which is pretty well stocked. Hmm...maybe a Korean supermarket in K-town? Wanted to get some Milkis too... I could always ask my Auntie to see if they've got it on the Big Island. And if so, I'll ask her to send a box load and share with my food friends. =)


Hi Kristy - Well good luck! I did check Marukai Gradena on my last trip - the article came out in Feb. If Auntie is going to send some up - I think it's supposed to be refrigerated....


Hi Kirk,

Awww! *blushing*

You shouldn't say that you're forever in my debt. Maybe for just a little while! LOL! Nah, jes kidding!

In any case, the wings look just like I remember them too. I haven't made these yet myself, but I sure am tempted to. I don't normally like to make deep fried things at home -- the oil gets everywhere in my SMALL kitchen.

On a side note, I didn't know you used to go to The Gym. I started going there when it first opened on Keawe Street. Maybe we've seen each other around before. *interesting*


Hi Reid - Honestly, thanks for giving me a vehicle to experience a nice little trip. I used to go to The Gym until I left Hii in '97 - In fact I still have one of the Blue The Gym T-Shirts! We may have crossed paths, amazing! Too bad I haven't touched a weight in years.....


Hi Kirk,
that was one cool post! sharing some of your memories as well as that fantastic recipe. And Reid sounds like a real super person (still no clue as to whether Reid is a he or a she) to have sent you that kim chee sauce in a flash.

I don't think we have that brand here but I might experiment with other kim chee sauces we might have here in oz :)

ITs painful for me to fry my own food as I then *know* exactly how much oil has soaked up in those tasty crunchy morsels. Its easier to pretend its not all that bad when you just buy it on impulse or a crave when you just need that crispy burst of tender chicken goodness :)

I'm glad you perfected that recipe and shared it with us thanks dearie *hug*


Great post! It's a nice walk down memory lane, and the wings look fantastic. Do you think the brand of kimchee makes a big difference? Or is it brand loyalty?

Rachel, I rarely deep fry at home either, but I justify getting things like chicken wings by saying that if you fry at a hot enough temp, the oil seals up the meat and doesn't soak inside much. I'm probably deluding myself.


Kirk, those wings look delicious! Great job, and many thanks to Reid too! I've never thought of adding a sauce to the actual batter. This reminds me of the recipe for mochiko chicken too tho'. What about using mochiko flour to get it EXTRA crispy? I think I shall try it and report the results.


Hi Rachel - I really don't do that much frying - but the key point is to fry at the right temperature - it not only ensures that the "crust" is crunchy, but that the food doesn't absorb too much oil. If you try this with other Kim Chee bases let me know how it comes out! It was really fun!

Hi Howie - I know nothing about Kim Chee bases/sauces - I was actually surprised that it had fish sauce in it.

Hi Penny - This was fun. I think corn starch will give you a crunchier - harder coating, that's what I use in my mochiko chicken.


btw ... Alice, Alice ... who the *beep* is Alice ? I just love living next door to Alice ;)


No, I'll never get used to not living next door to Alice

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