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Friday, 13 October 2006



hi cathy, mister, and kirk.

was great meetin ya guys! i'm glad ya'll had had a good time at the movies... you might have to make it a ritual now cathy..

kirk was great hanging out with ya in the mean streets of Mission Valley and eating onion rings..

oh cathy... the artichoke and goat cheese empanada thing... is all facetious, made it up... sorry... maybe you can try and make em huh?

thanks for coming down!


DCCF! Yes it was fun to meet you, and the movie was excellent. I have not been in a movie theater or rented a movie in more than ten years, really! It was great to go out on a date with the Mister and see a good film. I figured the empañadas weren't real.....but I am trying to make some kind of cult thing come out of the know, like I have this red Swingline stapler on my desk now....emapañadas would be good...guess its gonna be jujus!

or, maybe, I can find something in Book 1 or Book 2.... :D


OMG, I want to make this! I have everything but the cream cheese!


Cottage cheese-not cream cheese, cc! Large or small curd (not the fine cottage cheese I sometimes see). It's so good, simple and can be eaten hot or cold.


Yikes, I meant cottage! I'll use my co-workers as guineau pigs!

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