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Thursday, 23 September 2010


Jeff C

Kirk, thanks so much for the recipe. I'm going to get me a nice cabbage this weekend and get it. Your right about it being raw, the salt and vinegar and sesame oil will wilt it quite quickly. Did you know that this same dressing can be used for a cold sesame noodle dish? Just add some red chile oil to taste and then the noodles after you mixed it and you have a very nice chilled noodle dish.

Bbq Dude

I've never tried Chinese black vinegar before. Gonna have to pick some up at 99 Ranch this weekend. The more you know...


looks delicious, purple cabbage is usually so hard to eat because of the bitterness.


thanks kirk. what brand of black vinegar do you recommend btw?


I never thought of using sesame paste this way. Now we have a new side dish. Thanks.


Hi Jeffrey - This is actually simpler than Ma Jiang Mian! But there is a resemblance.

Hi BBQ Dude - Before you pick up Chinkiang Black Vinegar for 99 Ranch Market, please check out this post:

Hi Kat - Letting it sit in the fridge for 20 minutes after adding the dressing helps to cut the bitterness.

Hi Sawyer - The easiest brand to get is Gold Plum, but there are several brands that are better..... but I only recognize those by the label.

Hey Cathy - Be careful; tahini is a bit different. The label should only say sesame seeds.... no additives, not even sesame oil.


oh yum! i just love cabbage salads and this one looks so good and tangy!


Thanks for the recipe. I usually throw together a slaw of some sort whenever I cook my version of Chinese food just to balance things out. This sounds really good with a nice nuttiness. I think I'll be trying this out this (hot) weekend.


that looks great! yummy

Jeff C

Kirk, Made the slaw and actually forgot the wasabi. When I tried it, it was pretty harsh. But with the wasabi and the salt, the bitterness was diffused. I'm sure Mhyrvold's Modernist Cuisine would have an explanation for this or McGee's might. I think I will blanch it or shred it much finer.

Liked it very much.


Hi Lynnea - It's one of the favorites in the household.

Hi Jan - I hope it turned out well.

Hi Ron - Thanks!

Hi Jeffrey - It's the wasabi that maeks the salad for me. I use a mandoline to make very thin slices.

Derek R

Hey Kirk,

I want to try and make this. What do you recommend as far as Wasabi goes? Do you like the powder, or paste, or something else?


Hi Derek - When I first made this; I used both paste and powder. I think paste did a bit better overall and wasn't as pungent. Have fun with the recipe!

Derek R

Thanks Kirk! I've been on a cold noodle/cabbabe slaw kick and saw this one recipe. I've been using your Sichuan cold noodle dressing recipe for my salads & been playing around with different chili oils. I love the simplicity of this recipe and am looking forward to trying it!

Derek R

Made this tonight for the 3rd time. You were right about the wasibi paste vs powder - makes a big difference. Also, the green onions + cilantro makes a world of difference. Thanks Kirk!


Yes, the cilantro really makes a difference. Glad this worked out for you Derek!

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