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Friday, 05 December 2008



Hi Kirk.. my last eggplant dish was a stir-fry and it did not go so well. Haven't made one since. It was undercooked and spongey in the center. This technique seems like a sure bet though. Btw, please tell me you use ajinomoto hondashi for convenience! haha


Hi Dennis - This time it was Ichiban Dashi..... but I've made it since with hon dashi...not as good, but still yummy.


I just made something like this recently with these tiny 2-inch long eggplant I got at the farmer's market. I used a recipe that I wrote down from my host family sister when I was an exchange student in Japan about 100 years ago! Almost exactly the same, with the scoring and everything.
Apparently a classic dish...


looks delicious!!

ed (from Yuma)

Wow, simple and delish. What a combo. thanks!


That's so great you take the time to make Ichiban dashi Kirk! No wonder the missus would say she doesn't miss Okan! :)


Hi Kirk--long time no comment! :-) I adore eggplant, but like you I prefer it not turning to mush as it so wants to do, so I'll definitely be trying this method out. One question though: where do you find the willpower to let this sit overnight without devouring it? :-D


Hi Jenne - I guess it is the classic style for cooking the dish. BTW, if you have a chance check out Shizuo Tsuji's book...

Hi Kat - It came out rather well.

Hi Ed - The best combination.....

Hi Dennis - Actually I made the dashi for another dish... and had to figure out a way to use it all up!

Hey Mizducky - Long time no hear.... I hope all is well! We do sneak a piece or two....


We love eggplant dishes and this looks like a winner! I've printed and stashed for later. Thanks!

Kirk K

Hi Carol - This is an easy one to make, and it tastes really good!


Sounds like Wednesday night for us. I have some tofu that I'll probably throw in when I reheat it.


Hi Jan - Even hard boiled eggs.......


Thanks for helping me make my wife happy. ;) The hard boiled eggs and tofu made it quite substantial.


Hi Jan - I'm glad the recipe worked for you.... and most importantly, that the Missus was happy with the result. Thanks for letting me know how things turned out!

Hannah J

THIS LOOKS AMAZING!! I am so making this tonight!


Hi Hannah - This takes a bit of effort, but is well worth it.

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