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Monday, 31 October 2011



yum and the addition of the poached egg must've made it even better!


Wow, I think the mushroom stock could have been a post on its own. That whole dish sounds pretty darn delicious! Although I hope you go to costco for your eggs because you sure seem to be on a runny egg kick!


Hey, looks good to me!


Does the Missus know how lucky she is? My dinner conversation with FH last night went something like this.
Me: I'm hungry. We need to eat dinner.
FH: Okay what do you want me to make?
Me: I'm craving something healthy and greens. Maybe stir fried broccoli and fish?
FH: . . . How about a can of tuna?
Me: *sigh* I'll go make it myself.


I'm going to be on my third day of having chicken pho, because the wife wanted me to make it. So I boiled up two whole chicken 10 lbs total. Stripped the chicken and slice it all pretty. Just for the wife. Rissoto is a pain butt to make.


I absolutely love mushroom risotto! Yeah, it's a pain especially when juggling all the other items but man, it's so worth it.


Hi Kat - For the Missus, anything with a nice poached egg on it is great....probably even cardboard.

Hi Jason - It was a lot easier than how it came out in the post...really. We have a set of eggs we buy espcecially for poached eggs.

I dunno Jan.....I didn't think the brown was particularly pleasing to the eye. It tasted really good though.

Hi Kirbie - LOL! We have those nights at our house too!

Hi Bill - How many times did your wife have Pho Ga?

Hi Carol - It is a pain indeed!

Passionate Eater

It doesn't look like poop or natto to me, it looks like a delicious risotto! And Missus got another poached egg! You are the best hubby in the world, Kirk!


I love mushroom risotto, but never made my own stock for it! I don't know if I'm ready for all that work! The poached egg looks great, I'll have to try that.


Hi PE - Thanks, it really tasted very good.

Hi Alyssa - The stock wasn't very hard at all and it's a great use of discarded mushroom parts, etc.... It can't be harder than making "catch - up" ;o)

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