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Sunday, 14 May 2006



Hi Kirk,

Good job! I wouldn't dare make this at home.

clare eats



it is waaaayyyy too late here and I am starving!


Wow Kirk...I would never even attempt okonomiyaki at home. Props to you for a delicious looking meal!

By the way, thanks for the tip! I will try soon!


OISHIIIIII-SOOOOO! I'm missing my Osaka no okonomiyaki soooo much right now!


Hi, lurker here =)
I love your blog!
Sounds delicious! I've been meaning to go to Tajima for's the only place I know that lists Okonomiyaki on its menu.
er, a little question...
so, the second bowl of mixture is to make another okonomiyaki?


Thanks for the recipe Kirk! I'm definately going to try making sone okonomiyaki this month. I'd better warn the neighbors though...

Professor Salt

Werd! While it's fun to go out to an okonimiyaki-ya for their specialized tabletop teppan-griddled experience, it's simple enough to make at home.

My advice: see the spatula. Be the spatula.


ooooooh! Deliciousnesss! Katsuobushi kicks butt :) Can you recall any good local places that serve up some good okonimiyaki - cause I'm home!!!


wow!!! kirk... you da man!!

that looks awesome!

and you added the Yamaimo!!!!! thats the secret ingredient boooy!!!

Osaka flashbacks man! thanks!

Ron the FoodConn

Hi Kirk,
New food blogger here, currently in Seoul, Korea. I've got a heavy-influenced-by-Japan girlfriend and I've got to show her this one. She's been knocking me out with her recipes left and right recently, and wouldn't mind to eat this pancake.

Been coming to this site for a long time now and figured my love for food should be shared also. If you've got any tips about how to stay on top of the food blog game, just let me know and hope you come by when you have time!

Ron the FoodConn

ps. I'm heading to downtown tonight so there will be an actual post soon!


Hi Reid - It's alot easier then you think!

Hi Clare - Hey, congrads! I'm so happy for both of you.

Hi Keri - You should have seen my version years ago......tasted ok, but really not very good. Alot easier then I thought it would be.

Hi Jeni - I'm sure there's nothing like having the real thing, in the real place!

Hi Julie - Welcome and thanks for commenting. Both Osaka Kitchen and Ichiro do Okonomiyaki(or used to), but not as well as Tajima. And yes, each bowl is one "portion" (i.e. for one person???), so the recipe is for two servings.

Hi James - I think you need to invite the neighbors......

Hi PS - The social aspect makes the food taste better! So let's see, I become "one with the spatula(s)", ok, I think.......

Hi Kathy - I can't remember where I first had Okonomiyaki, it was sooo long ago. Maybe Reid will know. Or maybe when class is back in session you'll head out to Gaja in Lomita. And hey, you're home, why the heck are worried about Okonomiyaki??? ;o)

Hi DCCF - Hey, have you ever had the "Hiroshima" version - Okonomiyaki over Yakisoba? That sounds like two good servings of carbs for me! Now where's the rice.....

Hi Ron - Thanks for taking the time out to comment. The recipe is really easy. You blog looks like it's off to a nice start...

Tips? moi? I barely know what the heck I'm doing..... Just remember, if a bozo like me can do it, anyone can! Consistency and doing your best to respond to comments also help. As well as a healthy and divers appetite..... Good Luck!


Maybe it's the bonito flakes - the katsuobushi we used to feed my Cat. Maybe it's the mayo with eggs. Maybe it's the fact that I hate fish cakes like I hate kamaboko. Or that I don't do anything pickled. Minus all that, I think I'd like this dish a lot! ;) heehee!

clare eats

Thank you!!!!!!

I have heard of that yam before I don't know if I have seen one in a store..... I have a packet of the mix though... I am going to have to make it real soon!


Hi Kristy - You forgot the gooey-ooozy-gluey-snotty grated yamaimo! The Missus doesn't do mayo on this as well. I'm sure you could make it with anything...after it's as you like it....hmmm, I hear a Spamu-tama-yaki calling my name!

Hi Clare - I'll be waiting for that post.


Woo! Thanks for posting that. I wanted to try and make okonomiyaki from scratch -- I usually use the mix -- but this information about the nagaimo will come in handy.


Hi Michelle - You are most welcome, and thanks for commenting. It's alot easier than people think.


Bookmarked this. Definitely making this once I gather up all the ingredients...

You da man!


Hi Elmo - It was quire easy to make, we had it again recently, had to use up all the yamaimo. The hardest part was doing like Prof Salt said.....becoming one with the spatulas.


Wow, Kirk. Great job.
Looks good. Hmmm....I'm droooooling.


Hi Didi - Give it a shot. The recipe is really easy(those are only I make), and quite good.

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