Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Breakfast at The Field

This past Sunday I made another morning foray down to the Gaslamp Quarter, the center of San Diego's tourist trade and where many of San Diego's Nightclubs and Restaurants are located. This time I decided to actually have breakfast at The Field. I found parking right in front of The Field, a feat that would be impossible in a few hours, and since it was Sunday, I didn't have to feed the meter either.


Thefield013 The Field is my favorite Pub in San Diego and has a small but nice selection of ales and Porters. My usual beverage of choice here would be either a Draft Guinness or a Murphy's. I also enjoy the "Chips" at The Field, as well as the "Boxty" Dishes, which is a Traditional Potato Pancake filled and rolled with "filling". And we're not talking about an ordinary filling! My favorite is the Shepherds Pie Boxty, with a side of chips, and potato leek soup. So let's see there's the mashed potatoes from the Shepherds pie, the potato pancake, the chips, and the potato from the potato and leek soup - that'll be at least 4 starches! I'm in Carb heaven!


Thefield008 The interior of The Field was supposedly a genuine turn of the century Irish Pub that was moved piece by piece from Ireland. There are many funny and charming signs and memorabilia adorns the walls. Seating nooks and crannies are located through the Pub, which would either strike you a dark and dank, or if you're like me, warm and cozy. Many of the Employees of The Field are from Ireland, and the wonderful Irish accent is heard everywhere here, and definitely adds to the atmosphere.

This morning for breakfast you could start with items like Corned Beef and Eggs, Rasher(Irish Bacon) and Eggs, or what I usually get Sausage and Eggs. Or if you prefer to get an "early start", or need to approach "equilibrium", you could order Hare of the Dog - A Pint of Guinness and a Sausage or Rasher Sandwich. There were a few people having a pint of Guinness and Corned Beef Sandwiches this morning(at 9 am), I guess their watches were set at Eastern Time, following that old saying; "It's noon somewhere in the world."

So what did I get?(Pardon the pictures, it's always night in this Field)


Thefield007 No it's not a burrito, but a Ploughman's Boxty($7.95), which is scrambled eggs with rasher, sausage, and Irish Cheddar, wrapped in a potato pancake, and covered with a white gravy . My arteries shudder in fear at the very thought of eating this. To make this a complete 3 carb meal, Rosemary Breakfast Potatoes, and Wheaten Toast (which I love) are also served. For those worried about the other food groups; a slice of orange(fruits) and some parsley(veggies??, ummm, nice try, but maybe not) are also provided. Overall, I found the boxty to be a bit on the "dry" side, and the flavor of the eggs was not enough to carry through to the pancake. I think I'll stick with my Sausage and Eggs for breakfast; and "save" my boxty's for dinner. The potatoes were fine, well seasoned, and I really enjoy that dense, slightly sweet, and moist bread.


This was a fairly calorie-dense breakfast. I finished the toast and potatoes, but only manage half the boxty, and didn't even eat lunch! But if you're ever in need of a hearty breakfast in the Gaslamp, The Field deserves some consideration. But don't have too many of these, or the next "Field" you see, will be the one you're buried in!

The Field
544 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101


One last short funny story. One evening the Missus and I were having Dinner and a Pint at The Field. And the Missus sure was enjoying her Irish Stew(No longer on the menu), but something was obviously missing. Finally, unable to help Herself, She flagged down the Server and asked, "This is so delicious, but do you have any RICE?" The look on the Servers face was priceless! I got a nice sharp elbow when I whispered to the Missus, "And make sure to ask for some chopsticks too......."