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Wednesday, 03 April 2024



Wow strange times. Yeah the last few times I've been to Supernatural (in the past 6 months), the food was still decent, but the vibe was different. Definetely seemed like new ownership. That is a shame because they were my goto when I was in the office most of the time.

Shame about Pieology. I did like it when they first opened. Then Blaze Pizza opened up across t he street. I felt their pizza was a smidge better. But the thing that tilted me to them was that they were walking distance to Yogurtland hahaha. Sure there's a Baskin Robbins but Yogurtland is better :D


So sad these choices are gone. Supernatural (the original) was really wonderful. Pieology was also a great place for a nice meal.


Remember when all these quick pizza places were popping up like crazy? I liked Pielogy because it was next to 85C Bakery :-) I hadn't been to this type of pizza place in ages, but I just happened to go to Pizza Studio last week. Pizza was ok.


Pity about Supernatural, learnt about that place from you and always have a soft spot for it.

Pieology was decent but never a high priority in that center. Ironically was always happier to go to Chipotle or walk further to something like 99 Ranch. I think that's like the second or third restaurant in that block to close in the last 6 months, I know the vegan place closed.

I still miss the buffet A Taste of China that used to be there decades ago.


It was new ownership Denver. It looks like they weren't very successful.

All these changes lately Cathy!

Yeah, it was quite a fad Sandy!

Yes, Native Foods, then Boston Market, now Pieology across the street Loren.


I've been out of the loop for a bit. I remember the news when Supernatural closed and was definitely bummed about it. Had no idea they reopened under new ownership a while back. Unfortunately it sounds like they were not able to the keep the food at the same level

Som Tommy

Supernatural closing would be so sad. Had some good sandwiches from there


We'll see what happens with that spot ST.


Yes, they reopened for a few months and you could tell the difference in quality and execution Mar. Quite sad....

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