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Thursday, 11 April 2024



Oooooh -- been waiting for this one to open -- great to already get your review! Sounds very promising -- looking forward to a visit within the next couple weeks. And ha ha on the BK sauce! I think they need to rename the UTC shopping mall "Convoy West" -- so many great Asian food options with more opening all the time. I think I'm in heaven...


Nice looking tempura. I'll have to stop by at 11am sometime.


Glad you made it out there, I've definitely been a fan for a while and prior to this location opening up I usually visited them in South Coast Plaza. I do agree the more that I think about it that Marugame goes more towards sweet food when compared to, say, a place like Wa-Dining Okan which has similar curry udon but more savoriness (and their udon isn't as good). Ironically I avoid the meat (or tofu) in a bowl and go heavy on the tempura and feel like I get the same price point.

Btw I like Peter's notation about how UTC is becoming Convoy northwest lol. I wonder if they can come up with a cute name for it - maybe if Ha Seong Kim signs an extension we can name it after him lol.


I'm waiting to visit Marugame, and I'll have to try your strategy. I've waited in line at the Waikiki and South Coast locations, and it does move. The hard part is getting a table, although in Waikiki (five years ago) there was an employee directing the seating.



Som Tommy

Been waiting for the place to open. I’m going to go for lunch


We went on Saturday 4/6 and even though we arrived at 10:45, there was a long line... so we ordered takeout and picked it up at 11:20. While we enjoyed it, I agree about waiting a bit so we can dine in without the super long wait.


I'm really enjoying the options at UTC Peter, though the crowds can be a bit crazy!

Do it during a weekday Soo!

I think it's the noodles that I really enjoy here Loren. I would be more amenable to that moniker if there were a couple of non-chain Asian restaurants in the mall.

Before opening on a weekday seems to work fine Sandy. I had my choice of tables as well.

It was Kat!

Hope you enjoyed ST!

I can imagine how things would be on a weekend Jason! Hopefully things will calm done in a couple of months like Qin West. Though I walked past the line at Nagi which was pretty long.


Mahalo again for reporting back! Yeah, it's looks a little cramped in there and I could see how the station with the napkins/tempura sauce can get backed up.

I enjoyed going to their Fort Street Mall location back home. Line moved fast and it never felt too crowded even though it was always busy at lunch time on weekdays. I never minded the tempura under the heat lamps, I liked how their tempura was fried well and never too oily or soggy.

I too remember when they had their "BK" sauce spelled out on their signage at that location, eeeks! I think they changed that as we know it doesn't translate well.

Just compared the menus from the UTC and HNL locations, and it looks like UTC has tonkotsu broth (which HNL doesn't), while HNL has an "ontama" udon, plus of course the musubi station.

I think I read somewhere that Marugame plans to eventually open another location here at Mitsuwa? I don't know if the plan is for inside the store itself or if they mean within the same strip mall. There is also an udon place inside the market's tiny food court, and that's packed as is with Santouka. Last few times I've gone on a Saturday I had to stand to eat.


It is a pretty large space compared to Qin West next door Mar. I heard about the possibility of opening in Mitsuwa and also in the new Zion Market complex as well. I've never had the udon at Musashiya....I usually get the katsu curry there. Man, having to stand and eat! I thought it was bad when we used to have to sit at the counter....

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