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Tuesday, 05 March 2024



I live nearby and been a couple times, I agree it's decent but very "safe" pho. That mall is known for drastically increasing the rent, so I commiserate a little bit for their high prices. For us, we go when we don't want to make a longer drive to somewhere else.


Makes me sad to see the words "safe pho" -- why bother? I don't want my food to be safe -- I'd much rather have an edge, a little funk and punch in the nose. Oh well...


Oooo always looking for Pho with good beef ribs. This one looks decent.


Yes, it's quite "pho not to offend" Jason. That said, folks working were so nice and the pho/wings weren't bad.

I guess it's what they think the masses want Peter.

Hope you like it Denver!


The oxtail and the fried chicken wings look good!




It's pretty good Soo!

Really nice folks here Kat!


Interesting the broth is that hot. Usually they serve it lukewarm to not offend the masses. Having to wait that long to slurp is some serious heat.

david g

i have eaten their veggie pho a few times and enjoy it. it's not a go to pho, but an easy when we're in the area and want some. the noodle mush has always annoyed me, but i never tied it to their broth being too hot! last time my son and i waited almost 15 minutes for it to cool enough to eat, and then we were in a rush as a result. i'll ask for "less warm" next time i'm there!


Looks like other folks have the same issue with the soup Junichi!

That might work David. I was really surprised at how blazing hot that broth was! Thanks for taking the time out to comment!


I just had a conversation with my son this week about the wings at Que Huong after having mediocre fish sauce wings by his place in El Segundo. I just can't get myself to go to these "new" pho places....


I can't help but try these places Jack! Though many of them are quite disappointing.

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