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Wednesday, 27 March 2024



Yikes, $19.50 for a bowl of pho, even with a beef bone? Hipster pho restaurants are not a good trend.




Yes, I agree Sandy!

It was Kat!


Well that's disappointing. I still want to try it since my mom lives nearby and she loves Pho (I think I need to drag her to Westminster....although that may mean she'll never eat down here again). She may in the end go back to Pho ca Do or Pho Duyen Mai which she loves, but hey its nearby.

But yeah I feel like that whole chain makes decent food with maybe 1-2 really good dishes (e.g. Formoosa's Beef roll) and the rest is solid but not worth the price.


I hope the food on your visit is much better than what I had Loren.


That's great the wings didn't go to waste. I liked the bbq pork at Panda Express but they discontinued it about 15 years ago. :-(.

Thanks for the link!


Thanks for taking one for the team Kirk. It's intrigued me since it's close to work but I wasn't sure if I was actually going to try it...


By the owners of SP and F…😂. Thanks as always for spending your money and enduring to save the rest of us. Very very much appreciated!


Well at over $2 for wings, I didn't want to waste Soo!

Well, you can still try them out Jack! ;o) The portion size is quite large.

Yes, SP & F, with some Flama Llama thrown in RD!!


Only been to Steamy Piggy once. Definitely got the sense the menu is driven by social media and designed to be photographed.

Thanks for trying this place out for us and reporting back!
I felt the same way about the pho at Shank and Bone, that it's overpriced for what you get. However, I didn't mind the cost of dining at Pig and the Lady in Honolulu, which is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that serves pho at a similar price point. The flavors in their food and how the dishes are executed makes it worth it to me (but for a splurge, not a Wednesday night meal). :-)


Yes, Shank and Bone. Man, it's six years since I visited the place Mar. I should try it out again...but man; the food was so mediocre. Social media and influencers drive so much these day! So much superficiality, of course now I really sound like an old man! And to show my age; when I see all these "Instagrammable" places with mediocre food the lyrics of a Billy Crystal song comes to mind
"It's better to look good
Than to feel good"
And that seems to be the common theme of this companies restaurants.

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