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Sunday, 10 March 2024


Som Tommy

Santa Fe looks fun. Too bad about your dinner though


bummer the food wasn’t too good


That posole (spelled with an S in NM) looked sad. I'd recommend a long-time local favorite, Maria's, on Cordova Rd.


I'm so sorry to hear how bad that New Mexican food was. I put New Mexican near the top of any American cuisine, and the fact that the green and red didn't have much flavor or heat is bizarre. Usually, they are fire, with the green being close to lava.

I also LOVE posole, and that version sounds not good at all!


Santa Fe a lot of fun ST!

I know Kat!

Thanks for the recommendation ALNC!

This was quite bland and lacking Dereck!


Too bad the meal confirmed the Missus' disklike of Tex-Mex food. The enchilada story reminded me of a woman who asked "what's guacamole?" I answered "It's made with avocado, ..." and she asked "what's an avocado?"


I would like to mention, with kindness and respect, that NM food is not Tex-Mex.


That was a nice trail you hiked!


LOl Sandy!

Yes, I'm aware of the differences between Tex-Mex and New Mexican cuisine ALNC. Which is how I was able to convince the Missus in spite of Her apprehension about trying it. Especially since the chilies were different, etc....

We enjoyed it Soo!

Jon W

Late to this but what a bummer. Next time I would go to La Choza, which is their sister restaurant and far more locals go there. I love the green chile chicken enchiladas at La Choza. And I can't believe you didn't get a sopapilla in the end as dessert/palate cleanser with honey!


Thanks for the recommendation Jon!

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