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Wednesday, 20 March 2024



Not going to lie but that little Renaissance shopping center by UTC has quite a few nice culinary gems in it. Obviously Chicago fire but URBN is a good lunch spot and I do like both Amardeen and Star Anise (not sure how they rate on the Yoso scale but they're good to me). Peets and Arteazen are also pretty solid for drinks. So if they can add a good chicken and good ramen place as well, they may actually be a solid plan B for anyone who doesn't want to deal with UTC. I just miss the old Italian place that used to be there pre-COVID, was a place I'd always go with my family.

Som Tommy

I was just at Ranch 99 and didn’t even notice Mama Lin. Ate at the new chicken place. It was good

david g

Amardeen is one of the best in san diego. but boy have the raised their prices. it was one of our weekly go to's for years, but the latest increase is just too much. everything has more than doubled since covid. wraps are now almost 20. the labneh is 17. a basic salad is almost 20.


I'll have to try Mama Lin. I loved eating at Saigon 5.


I swear everything everywhere has increased insanely in prices. Hells bells, pre-COVID I could have gotten a bean, rice & cheese burrito for under $5 at any good burrito spot. Now it's the only burrito under $10 and it's barely under. Amardeen has never been cheap for sure but it's pretty high as is everything.


Yes, prices have gone up like crazy Loren. I did do a post on Star Anise; which I believe you commented on. I do drop by Peet's once in a while and will definitely check out the other places when/if they open.

The sudden turnover is interesting ST! I'll make sure to try the chicken place.

Twenty dollar wraps David! Whoa...that's pricey. Though I'm sure costs are high and the rent in that area must be crazy.

Hope you enjoy Soo!


I wonder if you or a FOY could shed some light on the restaurant permitting process here in SD. Takes places forever to open here whereas I don’t remember that at all in LA. SD seems very unfriendly to non chains but maybe I’m way off base. Agree with others about prices being out of control. Thanks as always for these updates!


I could do some research RD. I'll let you know what I find out.

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