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Thursday, 29 February 2024



Best places for me with Croissants are

Parisien Gourmandises (Del Mar ideally but La Jolla is great too)

Il Giardino Di Lilli (Downtown La Jolla) - less so than Parisien but at the same time they make great coffee & other goodies

Kathy Haynes

Have you tried La Clochette in Pacific Beach on Cass Street? Curious what you think.


Relic Bageri on Commerce Ave. off Miramar Rd is pretty good but have to get there early before they sell out for the day.


I do have Parisien Gourmandises on my list Loren. Thanks for the recommendations.

I did drop by La Clochette du Coin a while back, but the line as so long that I chickened out Kathy! I need to return. Thanks so much for the reminder!

Thanks for the recommendation Jase! I appreciate it!


The Kouginette is really good.

John Dowd

I went to Desserts By Clement today for the 1st time. Interestingly, the place was packed and I was literally the only male in there. Not sure what that means other than women like it? I ordered a croissant when the woman behind the register said "be careful, they are hot" I ordered another. It was about 12:30 PM and I consider that very fortunate. Heidi and I ate them as soon as I got home. They were large, buttery, flakey and warm. Heidi's single croissant ($5) filled her up for lunch. Also got an Chocolate Éclair ($10), a Pistachio Roll($9) and a Sweet Lady ($10). The Sweet Lady and Éclair are gorgeous works of art but we're having them for dessert tonight. I'm confident they will awesome. The Pistachio Roll was filled with a nutty, sublimely sweet pistachio custard that is going to be addicting. I think they can and will raise their prices, it so high quality for the price.


Try Desserts by Clement on Garnet next to Donut Bar. I first heard about it on Eater and have only tried their savory croissant dishes so far. Definitely worth a try.


this looked nice!


I recently saw a TV show that featured the making of croissants at some bakery in Paris -- it takes a remarkable amount of work (and BUTTER!) to make a great croissant. Sadly, I think most places stateside take the path of least resistance, putting out a vastly inferior product. (I'm talking to you, Costco!)


Thanks Soo! Added a link to your post.

I have Desserts by Clement on my list John. Just waiting for the hype to die down a bit. Afraid to say, we're not big fans of the round and square "rolls/croissants". We even went to one of the "OG" places for that type of pastry, Le Deli Robuchon in London and didn't like it. The Missus recently sent me to Paris en Rose. I didn't care for the croissant and the Missus didn't care for the other "stuffs".

Thanks so much for the recommendation Stephanie!

It's a cute looking place Kat!

It's truly an art form Peter!


Thanks for the review! I keep meaning to drive over there but I'm seldom in North Park anymore. That looks pretty convincing, aside from the small size. Time to hitch up the ponies to the wagon and hit the trail.....


Thanks for the email Kenneth! Hope you enjoy! And "happy trails to you..." ;o)


Thanks for the link!


My pleasure Soo!

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