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Sunday, 04 February 2024



Holy crap, Kirk, we must be brothers from another Mother. The Wise Ox was the place I was planning on going today until I couldn’t find any street parking and aborted (and ended up going to Pancho Villa). Hahahaha This and the 8th and B Poke is getting pretty creepy hahah.
I wanted to check out their burgers and beef fries, and their BBQ And it looks like they sell Martin’s potato rolls which is hard to get on the west coast. I may subscribe to their monthly Ox Box.

Yeah I went down to Pt. loma for some Gagliones Bros. Cheesesteak and found Evan’s instead. Still went there and got the Cheesewiz Steak. It was decent but I like Gagliones a little better. The guy working there is extremely nice. And yeah glad Cravory is still there


I think Jersey Mike’s does a surprisingly decent cheesesteak. Maybe not authentic and it’s a chain but consistently decent. Gaglione brothers was not for me. Thanks for some more options.


I would think of it as being "great minds think alike" Denver! ;o) Lol! I'm in the provolone/American cheese camp. In fact, I believe provolone was the original cheese used on a cheesesteak. I guess I'm just not a "whiz" kinda guy! ;o)

Hi RD - Jersey Mike's does a decent job for a chain with regards to cheesesteaks. It's a bit too much bread though. I actually did a post on that:


Gotta try the smoked bologna at Wise Ox next time. It's a... revelation. (I don't even really like bologna)


Oh man. Monkey Paw. They made a good cheesesteak. Miss them.


Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation EW!

We miss Monkey Paw too Junichi!


glad you got your fix


Yes, this as fun Kat!


i love 'gag bros' ever since my coworker introduced it to me in the late 2000's. i normally go to the one on friar's road now but i'll have to check out this place.


I hope you enjoy it Dean! Lol on the "gag bros". Thanks so much for taking the time out to comment!

Derek R

I miss Pop's from the old days! Have you tried Big Jim's North Shore Beef in PB? It's supposed to be phenomenal.

Also, have you ever been to the Russian Georgian restaurant across from the Lafayette? It's called Pomegranate and easily one of my favorites.

Derek R

Also, if you ever make it back to the Wise Ox, definitely try their dry age ground beef and their house made mortadella if they have it!


I miss Pop's too Derek! Cathy's done a post on Big Jim's. We haven't eaten at Pomegranate since they moved to this location, so perhaps we need to eat there next time! Thanks for all the rec's and it's really great to hear from you, it's been a while! Hope all is well!

Som Tommy

Not sure if you heard, but Philly Sandwich Co has changed owners. It’s much better now


Another rec for the Wise Ox bologna. I get some often when I am picking up my monthly meat box from them.


You found some good looking cheesesteaks!


Thanks for the update ST!

Awesome. Thanks for the rec' Dave! Hope all is well!

Yes, these were pretty good Soo!

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