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Tuesday, 06 February 2024



at least the pork was decent


Too bad about the pork chop. That’s a dish I always order


Yes, at least Kat!

The pork chop wasn't very good Franklin. The mei cai kou rou was not bad though.


That's good the duck is not bad.


We're still trying to find what we enjoy the best Soo!


I am not familiar with mei cai kou rou, but it sorta looks like kau yuk. Is it similar in taste?


Hi Alan - It's quite different; there's a lot of sauce, preserved vegetable, and is a bit sweeter. I believe Kau Yuk originates as a Hakka style dish and if I recall from a friend's mom who would make it uses fermented bean curd. All that said, both when done right are delicious!
Hope all is well. It's great hearing from you!


Thanks for the reply. Yes, kau yuk is traditionally made with fermented bean curd. I love it, especially with a steamed bun to eat it with.

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