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Thursday, 08 February 2024





Sorry, didn’t want to dissuade you. At least you didn’t wait 30-40 minutes. On my visit the chicken was bad too. Better luck with your next adventure.


People still wait 30~40 minutes after tasting the food? Headscratcher.


Really bad Kat!

Lol RD! I had to try Bafang at least twice.

That's what I was told Junichi! I think the hype will soon wear off.


I think people wait because it's new and because specialized dumpling chains from Asia aren't as common still in San Diego versus (e.g.) LA. And it was a pretty big deal as this might be the primary competitor to DTF.

I mean minus the insane lines I feel like the food was good and the price was alot better but maybe I don't know enough about real dumplings lol. Also I wouldn't be surprised though if the dumplings came from a central processing place for Bafang and then are sent to the different restaurants - and if that's the case this place is DOA in a hurry especially compared to DTF.

I'll be very curious what happens to Bafang when the new Zion Market/Food complex comes into the neighborhood. If this place doesn't shape up it's going to be shipped out in a hurry.

By the way next door to Bafang is this new bakery (at least to me) SunMerry - was pretty good too in terms of coffee and sweets. Then again if I liked Bafang maybe my taste buds are struggling lol.


I think DTF is in a totally different league Loren. I think Bafang would do well in a food court as it seems to be almost fast-foodish. SunMerry is another chain from Taiwan. We would often drop by the Temple Citylocation when we used to go to Bistro Na's since they were in the same strip mall. Also, the Rowland Heights location. It's much better than 85 degrees. I think another location will be opening off Convoy between Costco and Target.


I’m glad you went so now I don’t have to! I was excited to try, but will probably skip it.


The prices aren't bad, and you can get half orders of the dumplings. So perhaps, once the investment in time goes down it might be worth a try Stephanie!


Thanks for the link! That's good you found one thing that wasn't bad. I liked the won ton soup.


"Waiting for my order I had a little taste of each sauce, all of which I thought was terrible" -- this line cracked me up and definitely compelled me to keep reading :-) Always appreciate your honest insights in these reviews! But what a bummer that the dumplings were not up to par. Prices are reasonable, though, and the chicken makes me hopeful.


One out of five though Soo! Hopefully things will improve!


I do hope they improve Mar! The prices are indeed quite reasonable.


Thanks for the review, Kirk -- my son and I wandered over a couple weeks ago and were also underwhelmed with the food. I'm sure the dumplings/potstickers are frozen then cooked, which makes sense for fast food but would never compare with a place that makes them fresh (I'm talking about you, Din Tai Fung). I'll pick up some of the veggie potstickers to-go when I'm shopping at the BevMo in that center, but wouldn't make a trip there otherwise.


Yes, Bafang is definitely in the "fast-food" category for me Peter!

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