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Monday, 12 February 2024



Hmmm -- looks like HFS will also remain my go-to...


As it should Peter!


hit or miss


Great review! Bummer about the Lau Lau. Spot on about the fish and they gotta change the menu board. HFS is still the gold standard and of course I found it through this blog 😜.

Thanks for linking my review. I did the same with yours.


Hi Kirk thanks so much for the link! The place is definitely better than Poke Etc. nearby but if I went in blindfolded I wouldn’t be able to tell one kind of poke from another here given the amount of sauce and how sweet it is. That said, it’s nice to see a business that cares about what they do — everything is always well-prepped — and they already seem to have quite the fan following. I hope they continue to do well!


Yes it was Kat!

Thanks for the link Denver! And yes, HFS is the current standard for least for me!

Nice folks here Joy! It's a bit over-sauced for me but still better than the alternatives in the area!

SD Julie

Nice review. Is there any place in San Diego where you can get decent Lau Lau?


HFS is still definitely my go-to spot for poke. It's been awhile since I've been to It's Raw Poke in OB though so might have to check them out


I haven't found good lau lau in San Diego in years Julie! Still trying though.

I was thinking of heading back to It's Raw Jack Great minds...right?


Yeah that lau lau doesn't look right, major bummer! I think Leilani's Attic in Clairemont sells the frozen Keoki's lau lau? I would call and ask though, I haven't been in about six months. Steaming it at home has worked for me when I've had cravings for it.


I've seen Keoki's at Marukai on occasion as well Mar. In fact, I bought some once when I really needed a fix.

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